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Children in horror movies just add so much more of a weird scare factor to any horror film. Add a demon, and you're onto a winner.

This short is based around a mother who finds a demon lurking in her daughter's bedroom. The demon itself is pretty damn scary, and knowing it's in a child's bedroom just doubles it! But watch out for the unpredictable plot twist, it gave me goosebumps!

It's written and directed by Nick Peterson and produced by Jon Heder of Napoleon Dynamite. These two also worked on the short film Drained.

Starring Amy Smart (The Butterfly Effect) and Doug Jones (Pan's Labyrinth), the short will be the scariest seven minutes ever!

First shown at last year's FilmQuest film festival, it's great plot, amazing demon and twist in the tale will leave you scared to be alone in your room tonight!

If that makes you eager to see more from Nick and Jon, check out the new action/horror film Final Ascent they are working on.

And because I feel like spoiling you, that short I mentioned earlier, Drained, is below!

source: geeky tyrant


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