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For many fans, one of the most problematic elements of the X-Men movies has always been the way they've treated one of the most popular of the mutant heroes: Rogue.

Despite Anna Paquin's best efforts, her character was rarely given a chance to shine, with her appearances after 2000's X-Men largely limited to love-interest and self-loathing mutant story-lines, while the bigger names got to see the bulk of the action. By the time X-Men: Days of Future Past came around, the role had been reduced to such an extent that - despite filming an extended sub-plot - Paquin appeared in only one brief scene.

Worst of all, the bad-ass, tough-as-nails Rogue most of us grew up with?

That Rogue...
That Rogue...

She's yet to appear on the big screen...

Were Paquin to return as Rogue in X-Men: Apocalypse (or, perhaps more likely, the upcoming Gambit solo movie) though, it seems she's pretty determined for all of that to change...


Paquin Wants to Play Rogue Again - Just So Long as She's a Bad-Ass

Asked by a fan on Twitter whether she'd be interested in reprising her role, Paquin's response was pretty unequivocal:

Though, as she clarified, there's a reason for that:

Which...would actually make a whole lot of sense.

Could We Actually See a Bad-Ass Rogue On-Screen?

After all, though the Rogue we've seen in the X-Movies so far has actually been fairly close to the character's early appearances back in the 1980's (above), back in the days when Rogue was a scared, neurotic teenager, with very limited control over her powers. Admittedly, she could already fly, and kick a whole lot of ass, which didn't make it into the movies, as her character was seemingly merged with the early story-lines of two other X-Men, Kitty Pryde and Jubilee.

By the 90's, though, and the point where a whole lot of contemporary fans started following the comics, she'd evolved into a very different character:

A tough-as-nails, hard-loving, ass-kicking bad-ass, to be precise. She was, essentially, like a character from True Blood, 25 years early.

And, though she's recently moved closer to her roots in terms of costume and bursts of emo-ness...

...the progression from troubled teen to bad-ass adult would seem to be the most natural comic-book-inspired progression for Rogue on the big-screen, too.

So, here's hoping that Paquin's willingness to return - under those very particular conditions - means we might actually get the chance to see that kick-ass version of Rogue in, say, Gambit...

What do you reckon, though?



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