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(Note: Possible SPOILERS for Captain America: Civil War and beyond below...)

It's been one of the longest running rumors in Marvel Cinematic Universe history (all eight years of it): Chris Evans doesn't want to play Captain America any more, instead having decided to head out and become a director. It's the kind of superhero-movie murmuring that becomes a big deal, fitting the two main requirements - it seems plausible, and it fits with the comic-book canon.

The only problem?

According to Chris Evans himself, it isn't true.

That's right - while speaking to Digital Spy recently, Evans was quick to point out that the rumors of his imminent departure have been greatly exaggerated. As it turns out:

Chris Evans DOESN'T Want to Stop Playing Cap

"I actually like being well paid to have fun..."
"I actually like being well paid to have fun..."

Specifically, as he put it:

"I gave an interview once where I said I was gonna try and focus a little more on directing, and that's true, it's what I'm excited about right now. But acting is still... I love acting, in no way am I walking away from acting. With [Captain America], it's a matter of whether or not Marvel wants to keep knocking, but my contract is up after the last Avengers movies."

Which sure does suggest that if Marvel wants him to keep playing Cap, then he's not planning on going anywhere. Which, on the face of it, is good news, right?

Well, there's only one problem...

Marvel May Well Not Want Him

"Don't worry Chris. I got this."
"Don't worry Chris. I got this."

Or, at least, that certainly seems to be the direction that the MCU is heading in...

(Note, this is where those possible SPOILERS are set to kick in).

Y'see, in the comic-book Civil War, Cap's story ends a little something like this...

...with Cap being shot and killed, after surrendering to Tony Stark's opposing side (in a ludicrously heroic, Captain America-y fashion).

A twist which Evans' lack of interest in continuing with Marvel seemed to suggest was on its way to the screen - not least because in the comics, Steve Rogers' place as Cap is taken by a certain Bucky Barnes, aka The Winter Soldier.

And since it just so happens that Sebastian Stan has reportedly signed a ridiculously long Marvel contract (somewhere in the region of a nine-picture deal), that seemed very much to be that.

If Evans is happy to continue as Cap, though, would Marvel really risk losing one of their biggest names?


We Could Actually Still See Both Happen

Y'see, the original Steve Rogers version of Cap inevitably returned to the Marvel comic-book universe after a little while - because NOBODY stays dead in comics, except possibly for Spider-Man's Uncle Ben - with Bucky stepping down accordingly.

Is it possible, then, that we'll - for instance - see Steve Rogers 'die' in Captain America: Civil War, with Bucky taking his place, only for him to re-appear towards the end of Avengers: Infinity War? It'd give Civil War fans the comic's big moment, Stan a chance to shine, and Evans a chance to have a few years off to concentrate on directing - but leave Marvel with one of their biggest assets intact come 2019.

It'd be a risk, perhaps - but a calculated one...

What do you reckon, though?

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