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Valiant plans to hop into the film industry with its own cinematic universe and it looks like bloodshot will be the front-runner.It was announced some time ago that there would be bloodshot movie and that it would be the first of many valiant comics movies to come.The deal to make these films has energized fans and could possibly do even more.Valiant is considered to be a cult favorite comic book company with some of the most loyal readers.

Valiant's big Plan is to partner with sony in order to make two bloodshot films and two harbinger films and then bring them together for film-crossover event known as "Harbinger wars".Sounds like valiant has a clear direction for the universe the are trying to construct and it could be huge.We know that valiant's characters have some very interesting stories in the comics so it will be interesting to see how they translate them to the big screen.

On board to helm the bloodshot movie are none other than David Leitch and Chad Stahelski who helmed the 2014 cult favorite action movie "John Wick" which will also be getting a sequel.These two directors have made waves in Hollywood and have attracted alot of attention from very important people. Warner Bros wanted these guys to direct one of their movies and that offer could still be open if they choose to accept it.

Leitch and Stahelski definitely have the right kind of film making technique and vision to pull off a bloodshot movie considering there experience as stuntmen and their knack for bare knuckle action movies.John wick had a Slow-burn approach in the way it progressed the story but once it began to heat up that's when the movie got exciting.Overall sony made a good selection but the question is if sony will give them enough creative control to do their job effectively while honoring the character they are trying to bring to life.

Bloodshot is expected to hit theaters some time in 2017 but still remains to be seen.


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