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My name is David Mikhailov, I'm a big fan of Marvel and of course the MCU. I like to write my theories about marvel and other things and I t
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hello! I from Israel and here the avengers 2 came out yesterday! (23.4.15) so who want to know can read here the biggest moments:

remember this scene when machine gun is shooting at civilians? so in that scene quicksilver Catches all the Bullets and you know... dies :( In the end you can see how: Falcon, War machine, Vision and Scarlet witch are coming to a some place and than captain america is saying: AVENGERS A...! everyone understand that he wanted to say "assemble". In the scene when Ultron says: "Do not compare me with Stark" it was after he cut Klaw's hand because he compare him with Stark. In the scene when Thor in the cave he went to their because the water there made him to see a vision about the infinity gems. Loki's stick have the soul gem that makes vision awake. In the party Stan Lee making his cameo. Vision destroy Ultron (Scarlet Witch killed the ultimate ultron but Vision killed the last ultron solider that also had Ultron's Knowledge.


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