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Top 10 Terrifying Horror Movies of the decade

Top Hollywood Thriller Movies: Sometimes horror movies do not mean scary beasts or spiders or snakes. It can simply be the background music or the effects, etc. The movies mentioned in this list are commercial hits which have given chills from top to the bottom. All time films are listed in Hollywood Hits of their time of release.

A list of top 10 horror movies in Hollywood

1. The Exorcist

This movie has always been the top contender in the ‘top Hollywood horror movies’ list. The girl in the movie is the young daughter of an actress, and her friend is the Devil who is on a spree to scare the people. The movie was remade with the latest technology and went on to become the scariest movie ever.

2. Rosemary’s Baby

Guy and his wife Rosemary, have shifted to an ideal apartment. They have caring neighbors, wonderful apartment and every thing’s great. But, when the Rosemary becomes pregnant, unfortunate things happen and make them wonder, ‘What fathered the baby?’ The film is listed on 2nd no in the list of all time best Hollywood Horror Films.

3. The Omen

As the name suggests, the demon is following his own path to dominate the world. His son is born and creates issues for anyone and anything which comes in the way to destroy his plans.

4. Poltergeist

We think the whole cast of the movie could not get rid of the curse. The movie just did not end in the silver screen. The film was spooky enough that some could not watch it alone.

5. The Shining

This Jack Nicholson starring movie is listed in ‘top horror movies of all time’ which is adapted from the book of the same name. The movie is a spirit-based horror film. A thriller as well as a horror genre film.

6. The Amityville Horror

It is one of the most horrific movie in the sorts of The Exorcist. It is the scariest movie which can give nightmares to anyone. In the film, there is a couple who shift to a house where a family was earlier slain.

7. The Alien

The movie is about aliens who attack human beings in space, giving a ghost-like effect. The lead star Sigourney Weaver plays a tough girl. But can anyone really hear you scream in the movie?? The aliens steal the show.

8. The Sixth Sense

Cole can see dead people, and being a child, he is helped by the best child psychologist Malcolm Crowe, played by Bruce Willis. He is an award winner. Both Cole and Crowe go on the path to find the source of such visions of Cole.

9. Halloween

Jamie Lee Curtis is terrified by a psychotic killer named Michael Myers. This is believed to be the most horrific movie in the Halloween franchise. This movie was made in a mere budget of $300,000 and earned a whopping $47 million.

10. The Changeling

A lonely man, whose family died in an accident. He later retires to an empty mansion. A few days later, he experiences supernatural and creepy occurrences.


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