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Another week, another group of new Creators showing us how talented you lot are. Really, among all the 'oohs' and 'aaahs' from reading your posts we just about managed to get some work done as well. To celebrate some of our amazing newcomers, here are 10 of the best from this week!

7 Year-old Asks George Lucas a Burning Question, by Tisha Mae Eaton

Star Wars has one of the most diverse fandoms, stretching across the globe and across all ages. So when this young Padawan was concerned he could not be married as the Jedi code might not allow for it, he wrote a letter to George Lucas himself! The response he got was nothing short of heartwarming. No Bothans died to bring us this information.

Lego "These aren't the droids you're looking for," by Thomas Moxon Films

In this awesome fan made clip, Thomas Moxon recreates one of our favorite scenes from Star Wars, Episode 4 using Lego stop-motion and some really great voice over work. While this is Thomas’ first post on Moviepilot, it is his latest piece in a grand collection of stop-motion awesomeness for us to enjoy! Check out the clip, and show this Creator some Lego love.

Will Ahsoka Tano Cameo in Star Wars: Episode 7? by Daniel Kanevsky

Ahsoka Tano has quickly become a fan favourite. She hasn't been part of the Star Wars universe for too long, but in that time she has established herself as a capable and talented Jedi. With Disney having big plans for the franchise, is it possible we might see her cameo in the cinematic universe? Check out Daniel's reason why this would be awesome!

The Real Ending of the Batman vs. Superman Teaser - in a Lego version! by Michael Schulte

If you’ve been anywhere on the internet recently, there’s no doubt you’ve seen the trailer for the new Batman vs. Superman flick. In case you haven’t, you might want to get on that. But if you’ve seen the trailer, you definitely want to check out this Lego re-enactment shared by MP newcomer Michael Schulte. The clip shows us what REALLY happens when The Dark Knight and Man of Steel go face-off, and you don’t want to miss it!

The Jurassic World Hybrid Will Have What DNZ in it? (Spoilers!!) by Charlotte Rose Bell

Charlotte Rose Bell shows us a great example of how to take something that is rumored among fans and turning it into a substancial post well worth reading. Going far and beyond mere rumors, Rose takes the time to analyze exactly how and why Jurassic World's most feared predator will indeed share DNA with us humans! Check out her awesome article here.

15 Years of Digital Monsters! by Andrea Marie Cini

With the upcoming new season of Digimon only a few weeks away, there's never been a better time to take a look back at the characters who started off our fandom (and will be returning in the new series!). Here's a great look at who the Digimon are before we revisit the anime hit in May... 15 years after it's first release!

Galaxy Quest Might Be A TV Show, by Michael Feinstein

By Grabthar's hammer! The massively underrated 1999 film, Galaxy Quest, may be getting the TV treatment. Michael Feinstein has all the details on the reboot of the thinly veiled Star Trek spoof and five other parodies over the past 15 years that not only poked fun at the originals, but were shout outs to the fans as well.

The Top 5 Weirdest Marvel Story Arcs Ever Published! by Erik Copper

These days, we think of Marvel as the powerhouse that will be dominating our summer viewing for the rest of the decade. But, on the way to worldwide success, there were a few... missteps in the plots. Recent MP addition, Erik Copper has put together 5 of the weirdest storylines that went to print.

"Star Trek: The Force Awakens" Trailer, by Brandon Swofford

This amazing mashup is so expertly done, if you didn't know any better you might be fooled into thinking it was the real deal. Brandon Swofford has combined the audio from the Force Awakens trailer with scenes from Star Trek to make one epic crossover. Bonus, Spock doing the Chewbacca growl!

The Six Things Gamers Do When The Servers Are Down, by Samuel Adams

We've all been there. You've sat down, snacks within reach; some epic gaming is afoot. Then it happens, the servers are down....desperation strikes. There are some things we all do at this time of need to keep ourselves busy. If you're not sure what they are, Samuel Adams has compiled them all into this awesome video for your viewing pleasure.

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