ByRoxy Color, writer at

Watching Game of Thrones has reminded me of the power and strength that lie within fragile and beautiful creatures.Such a creature is Daenerys Targarien, a warrior with angel face. I can find myself in this character's personality, but don't we all maybe feel the same?

Doesn't everybody love a winning warrior princess,a strong angel,a beautiful demon without mercy? I would certainly like to be aided in my journey through life by mythological creatures,dragons and armies of freed slaves ready for my command.

However,besides teaching me what I already knew (that strong and fragile go well together),this show has also thought me that nothing lasts forever and that we should enjoy time,experiences and people more.Because nothing compares to getting attached to a Game of Thrones character and seeing him or her die in a terrible manner.

I made this poly drawing of Daenerys because she is one of my favorite characters from the show,and her winning would be fair,since up until now she has proved many times that she can be a ruler who cares not only for herself, but also for the needs of others,especially the oppressed and powerless ones.


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