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Alright we've all seen the teaser for Zack Snyder's much awaited superhero flick. While the trailer might not seem like much it did make DC fan boys rejoice as we haven't seen a DC film since 2013's Man of Steel. Now even though the movie won't be out until next year it has created a lot of hype, some positive and some negative. While some went absolutely nuts over seeing Bats and Supes in the same trailer together, others couldn't help but criticize. But love it or hate it we all wanted to see more, and those who attended the special IMAX screening of the trailer did get to see about 5 seconds of additional footage.


Here's the footage details as per Cinema Blend:

"Right after the Batman v Superman logo, the scene returns to Superman (Henry Cavill), close up on his face. His hair is tussled, and instead of being outside in a rainstorm (as he is at the end of the trailer), he’s in what looks like an abandoned warehouse. He looks up. He’s staring at Batman. They both are at eye level. Batman’s eyes continue to glow in that Frank Miller-inspired armor. The two titans charge at each other. The very last shot is a medium shot of the two locking arms, beginning their battle."

Now while this all seems very exiting but here's what I noticed

Supes running towards Batman, this might seem normal except for the fact that Superman is running at normal human speed. We all saw how Supes zipped around in Man of Steel

Superman taking off
Superman taking off

This led me to believe that Batman probably used red sun emissions or kryptonite to not completely take away Superman's powers but to reduce it to turn the odds in his favor.

Anyways this was my speculation of the additional footage. Let me know what you think in the comments section but please be gentle as this is my first article. Thanks.


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