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Last week fans at Star Wars Celebration were lucky enough to be the first to witness the first full length trailer for J. J. Abram's Star Wars VII - The Force Awakens. Minutes later, the trailer was unleashed to the world and Star Wars fans all across the globe were overwhelmed by a sense of excitement, anticipation and nostalgia.

Here at Moviepilot, we're lucky enough to have an incredible Star Wars fan base, meaning that we've actually been able to witness this phenomenal world-wide reaction from a variety of Vloggers! However, wouldn't it be great to see fans reacting to this all over the world in one unifying video? We thought so too, and you can watch our awesome compilation right here!

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Daniel Brown (NinjaRabbit)


Unhinged Comedy

Colton TheDoctor Douglas

Sam Leggett


mega killmeifucan

Tim Dunn

Rashad Moore

Thomas Marsula

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