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The plot is simple, the bastard child of Tony Stark, Ultron turns against the Avengers as he feels they are a danger to his existence and to his grand plans and he feels life on Earth has to evolve and he means that in a very literal way, translation annihilating life to start anew and thus he is put at odds with The Earths Mightiest Heroes in this epic world wide action adventure.

I gotta say Joss Whedon has written and directed one helluva movie, because the movie is character focused, emotional, complex, meaningful and at some point artistic yet it is filled with top of the class action sequences and visual aesthetics a tough combination to pull off but he did it ! and to add on to that he manages to set the stage up and expand the Marvel universe in the biggest way possible, as this movie serves as a launchpad to 4 upcoming Marvel movies and introduces 8 new characters and trust me it doesn't feel crowded or rushed at all.

It was considered a myth before in the realm of super hero movie making that it is close to impossible to make a movie that balances every element and to be a good movie, because people are still convinced that if a studio or a director tries to pull everything in a movie and it will result in another Iron Man 2, Spider Man 3 or Amazing Spider Man 2 scenario, where the end result is a crowded mess with multiple sub plots and characters but Avengers Age of Ultron pulls it off in the most spectacular way and all of sudden I can completely understand why Joss Whedon would be so exhausted as he mentioned in recent interviews, because he has pulled it off amazingly

Every character in this movie gets a proper screen time and justice, especially Hawkeye, Black Widow and Bruce Banner/Hulk because their involvement and screen time in the predecessor was quite minimal or rather not a standout but in this movie they are ! every single character has been explored deeply in a more emotional way which we do not see in super hero movies quite often and I gotta say that I really felt those emotions and THE FEELS as a viewer and I started to care and worry about these characters more and that's a huge feat in itself.

The chemistry and conversations between Banner/Hulk and Black Widow and the sentiments of Quick Silver and Scarlett Witch and the back story of Hawkeye are downright emotional and touches your heart, whereas the trade mark one liners, witty banters and sarcastic dialogues which Marvel and Joss Whedon is known for, is on a whole different league.

But I do believe that the level of humor and jokes in this movie could have been toned down at some points because it started to feel redundant and forced after some point saying this because the humor was forced into serious moments and it really felt out of place and annoying.

The action pieces are awesome and definitely tops the one we have seen in Captain America The Winter Soldier solely because of the fact that Joss Whedon portrays the powers and skill set of The Avengers and their enemies in a true and spectacular fashion, Captain America is portrayed as a guy with Super Human powers which he truly is, in this cinematic version and this movie would finally put an end to all the debates of whether Captain America in movies is a peak human or a super human because the kind of stuff he does in the movie far exceeds the limits of human body in a pretty clear way and Quick Silver is a badass because he can literally run at the speed of sound and all it takes is a simple elbow or a fist to blow his enemies into pieces (That's some physics) and Scarlett Witch is one scary nightmare with the kind of powers she possesses, our buddy Hulk does what he does the best Smashing but this time with elegance and for once we truly get to understand why simple humans like Hawkeye and Black Widow can face these enormous enemies yet defeat them and well Iron Man is Iron Man and for the first time Thor is actually portrayed in a godly fashion not just in terms of his powers but also in terms of his intellect.

I had two major gripes with this movie, firstly the fight between Hulk Buster (Iron Man) and Hulk could have been executed way better and the ending of that sequence made no sense but apart from this every other action sequence were fantastic. Secondly this movie uses the lazy plot device trick known as Deus Ex Machina towards the end of the climatic battle to make the good guys win and that bugged me a lot because that's a ridiculously lazy attempt.

But when we talk about Vision, well his origins is good, definitely better than the comic book version but I felt his powers weren't portrayed in the same level as the fellow Avengers but his actual character and emotions are, as a matter of fact Vision is one of the best part of this movie, he's almost like a flip side to Ultron (two sides of the same coin)

When we talk about Ultron, well he's one scary badass eight foot robot with those beastly red eyes who also happens to behave like a child and spits out some one liners, because well he's just a baby (he's not even a week old in this movie) and he has similarities to Tony Stark's personality (his creator) and it is quite visible. The only down side with Ultron is that I felt like his intentions could have been explored more or could have been developed more and because of that, his character feels incomplete/rushed.

The visuals effects and color palette is great, the music score is similar to the first Avengers movie but introduces some new and unique notes that fits well and at only some point I felt the music didn't match the feel of the movie, the movie clocks at 2 hours and 21 minutes and Joss manages to fit in everything without the sensation of being crammed but I somewhat felt the movie could have been a little longer considering it's predecessor was also of the same screen time and maybe an increased screen time could have helped Joss Whedon to explore and interpret the new characters more, but I am not complaining at all because the new characters were handled pretty neatly but they could have been developed more (you get what I am saying right)

The opening scene is, to the point and shows us the Avengers in action directly without a build up and I think it's perfect because we already know these characters and we love them and the scene before the ending scene is filled with some high level of meaningful and impactful dialogue exchange between two titans and the actual ending scene is pretty uplifting and hopeful and please do look at out for the mid credits scenes because it has an extremely big implication in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

So let's take a look at pros and cons of this movie for one last time,


  • Vision
  • Back Story of Hawkeye
  • Chemistry between Black Widow and Bruce Banner/ Hulk
  • Fresh take on the team dynamics
  • Clever way of setting up future MCU movies and characters


  • Under developed Ultron
  • Hulk buster vs Hulk fight
  • Unnecessary/forced humor (humor at wrong moments)
  • Lazy/half assed ending (Deus Ex Machina plot device)

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