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Disney tends to tell famous tales and stories, and in the process soften them to appeal to children rather than horrify and scar them.

I call this the process of "Disney-fying." What may surprise you is the fact that the original stories these Disney movies are based on often included much darker elements of death, abandonment and mutilation.

But, of course, we just leave those parts out of the films so children can sleep at night. I did, however, list a few below if you think you can stomach the dark and the macabre nature of the originals.

Tangled in a Web

In the Grimm Brother's version, the witch who more or less has adopted Rapunzel finds out that she has had a visitor up in the tower, as she becomes pregnant with twins. She watches at a distance as the Prince climbs the tower to check on Rapunzel.

Pouncing at just the right moment, she pushed him out the window of the tower and into a bed of thorns, which blinds him. He is then cursed to aimlessly walk the Earth. She sends Rapunzel off. And I thought my parents were protective.

You can just see the manipulation and power the witch holds over her daughter:

Eventually, Rapunzel and the Prince do end up together, but in a life of poverty. I am not only saddened but horrified for the poor prince.

The Raped Beauty

In the original story titled "The Beauty Sleeping in the Wood" by Charles Brillaut, Aurora gets more than just a kiss from the prince while she is bewitched to sleep by the witch. The prince actually rapes her as she is in her permanent slumber, and she only awakens once she feels herself giving birth to twins.

There is another version which includes a part in which her father is fooled into eating the twins by The Evil Fairy.

Cult Leader Peter Pan

J.M. Barrie tells us the story about a little boy who didn't want to grow up and wished to forever stay in Neverland. We all know Peter Pan as Disney's version: the sweet, fun-loving boy with no desire whatsoever to become an adult.

As much as there are times I wish I could join him, I feel Wendy and I are a little more realistic. Wendy was able to see right through his charismatic sociopathic delusions, as he was incredibly egotistical and inconsiderate. If you ask me, she sure dodged a bullet with that guy.

Dance Until Her Death

In the Grimm Brother's original tale of Snow White, the Evil Queen doesn't just die, but is made to dance at Snow White's wedding wearing red hot iron shoes, until she drops dead on the ground.

Below is a clip from the Disney's film in case you were curious as to just how evil she is:

I know she may be insanely villainous and all, but wearing high heels are bad enough as it is.

Spoiled Princess Brat

Tiana may have been such a sweetheart, but the real princess from the original tale also by the Grimm Brothers called 'The Frog Princess' was completely rotten and bratty.

This princess actually wanted to do quite the opposite of kissing the frog, as she was angered by him and even threw him against the wall and attempted to kill him by squishing him. This girl needs to get her attitude straightened out!

I don't think I'll be able to watch another Disney film without wondering what grisly and bone-chilling events actually happened in the original films. It seems for a majority of characters in Disney, "happily ever after" should be called "brutality forever after."

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