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I call this new piece "TEARS of TECHNOLOGY", so much work went into this piece. I'm pretty sure my computer hates me after this one, but it was worth it! lol It was a true labor of love putting everything I know about Photoshop and design to the limit. I hope it speaks to you and takes your minds eye to an amazing place.

"Tears of Technology" by Ryan Crain Design
"Tears of Technology" by Ryan Crain Design

I love the colors and the mood of this piece, again I'm always trying to tell a story in my art. With this one as the others it can be whatever you the viewer thinks it should be, but in my head this is some sort of abused personal cyborg that is locked in a repair room. Contemplating her situation and what life must be like to be truly be human, and if she would be treated the same if she was a real woman.

I really wanted to make it an emotional piece and drew the viewer into the piece. By using a strong depth of field and the wires to lead the observer around & inward I wanted to make the viewers eyes focus on her.

Starting Image
Starting Image

I usually don't show what I start from, but so much work went into this piece I thought I would show where it began. This is just a stock image, but her pose and the feeling of vulnerability really spoke to me. Cyborg was the first thing that popped into my head, I really wanted a strong juxtaposition between her warm beauty and the cold dead ugliness of machinery.

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