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First things first - yes, I'm a co-host for the podcast I'm about to promote. But that said, I'm not promoting this episode so that you will listen to me and my partner-in-arms, but because we want you to listen to our guest of the week and support his cause - a cause that touches all of us as nerds and fans of less mainstream media who understand what it feels like to be marginalized.

Eric Cooper, author of the Knight Seeker book series and avid comic book convention participant as a writer, cosplayer and fan, has started a petition on This petition addresses an easy to overlook but real point of disparity in how talent is commonly represented at many comic book conventions: that the "featured" (read also "paid to attend") talent are almost always of a certain "majority" demographic as compared to the wider pool of writers and artists who have to pay to get a table at such cons.

I can go on and on reinforcing his point, but instead I'll let him make it - listen to him talk with us about it on our latest episode, and then check out his petition on And if you support his cause, spread the word! Also, if you enjoy our show, we post a new episode every Wednesday and you can subscribe via the usual channels.


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