ByKevin Barnett, writer at

It's almost like waiting for Christmas. We've seen the television commercials, we've watched the late night shows and we've seen the red carpet premiere. In all of this, our anticipation has heightened and I'm sure some of us have lost sleep in anticipation for this movie. The tickets have been bought, and they are now in a safe place...all that's left is to wait...and wait. Avengers: Age Of Ultron opens nationwide Friday May 1st. The anticipation could not be higher for this long awaited sequel.

Advanced ticket sales are outselling the first Avengers and it is estimated it will track close to if not over $207 million opening weekend.

This fanboy is absolutely beside myself waiting to see this movie! I've bought into all the promotions, and have free tickets waiting to see it more than once or twice. The first Avengers, I probably saw 8 times in the theaters. There's something about Marvel movies, that makes you want to see them again and again. And this new film is no different. I predict it will not only be the number one movie of the year, but will surpass all box office records in just one weekend. The partnership between Disney and Marvel is one not to mess with.

I have not seen the movie, I have only heard critics remarks on the film...and I must say I am disappointed by all of their remarks. The superhero genre of films is such a hot spot right now, the myself LOVE these movies and thrive on them! How some critics can take a good movie and tear it to shreds is beyond me. I believe we are in for a fast, action-packed, epic wonder from Joss once again. Here is to the continued excellence and awesomeness of what Marvel brings to their fans!


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