ByMike Walsh, writer at
I am just an all around superhero fan who loves all of the superheroes in Hollywood right now.

12 years ago, 20th Century Fox had the live action rights to the character Daredevil. Now, Marvel has the rights back and have finally done him Justice. In the Netflix series Daredevil, Matt Murdock was blinded as a child by toxic chemicals and through this, had all his other senses heightened to the extreme. Soon after, his father died because he didn't throw a fight, and he was placed in an orphanage. There, he met an older blind man named Stick to teach him how to fight. Now, as an adult, he takes to the streets to make Hell's Kitchen, New York City a better place. This is by far the most violent edition to the Marvel Cimematic Universe so far and is also the most realistic. This show handles the idea of grey areas very well. In real life, things aren't totally black and white, there usually isn't a clear hero or clear villan and this show actively acknowledges this. With the violent aspect, there is lots of blood, a guy gets beat to a pulp then has his head put in a car door and repeatedly opened and slammed shut until he is decapitated, and another guy has his hand cut off and bloody stump with bone shown to us before his decapitation. Just to give you an idea. If you are faint of heart. I'd recommend passing on this. Also, about a third of the story is dedicated to the antagonist, Wilson Fisk, AKA The Kingpin, who is the most three dimensional villan in the MCU. You understand things from his point of view and even sympathize with him. This is much more than you can say for most other story villans. I hope this helps you understand the show and gets you to start watching it.


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