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I am just an all around superhero fan who loves all of the superheroes in Hollywood right now.

Hello again, so incase you've been living under a rock for the past couple weeks, you will know that Marvel and Sony have come up with a deal about Spider-Man. That deal says that Spider-Man's next on screen appearance will be in an existing Marvel movie, probably Captain America: Civil War, and then have his own film, set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe on July 28, 2017. I know that seems like a long ways away, but it doesn't matter, because Spider-Man is finally coming home to Marvel, where he belongs. It makes the most sense that Spider-Man would appear first in Captain America: Civil War, because of his integral role in that comic book storyline. In the comics, Civil War is the fight between Captain America and Tony Stark on the subject of a Superhero Registration Act that requires all superheroes to register themselves to the government. Tony Stark is on the Pro registration side while Captain America is anti registration side. Spider-Man is caught in the middle of both of them, and eventually, takes off his mask on live TV to support Iron Man's position. This is a huge deal in the Marvel universe because at this point, Peter Parker has kept his identity secret for decades and is now a High school science teacher. One question that Spider-Man may not be in Captain America: Civil War, is because Captain America is supposed to be the protagonist. If you put Spider-Man in there, choosing between sides, it's really hard for that to not be a Spider-Man movie. Anyway, I hope that was informative, thank you for reading.


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