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Ghosts are mainly known to be deceased humans whose souls are unable to cross over into the next world, bound to inhabit the earth with the still-living.

Astonishingly enough, various countries around the world regard spirits with a different point of view, some of which I have never even considered before.

Prepare to open your mind to the assorted world of ghosts from around the world.

1. Mylings from the Nordic Countries

The mylings are children ghosts that were abandoned to die in the Nordic icy winters. Left to die because they were unbaptized or unceremoniously buried, these poor babies are exiled from heaven. Bound to the area they had died, they will jump onto passerby and ask to be taken to the cemetery.

With each step to the graveyard, the myling becomes heavier and heavier. If you do not succeed in delivering baby to its burial, the myling will kill you out of mere irritation.

As someone who has an affinity towards babies, I hope I never cross paths with an evil murdered toddler. The "terrible two's" are bad as it is.

2. Animal Spirits from Around the World

As much as it is possible for a human to remain in this world, the same goes for an animal. Many people have reported seeing the ghost of their cherished pet appear as a manner of comfort.

One such example is of a family in Tennessee, which included many instances of bird and dog entities continually appearing and disappearing.

As much as I love my chinchilla Marley, I hope her spirit doesn't linger. She'd keep me up at night demanding sunflower seeds and dried fruit.

3. El Silbón de Venezuela

This Venezualan story called El Silbón tells the tale of a malevolent man who killed his father and whistled carelessly as he performed the treacherous act. After his death, this young man is bound to the earth, whistling as he carries his father's remains in a bag and whistling.

The scariest part is that he whistles ever so silently when he is about to kill those who wander alone. Yikes! I just got chills down my back.

4. The Hungry Ghosts of China

According to this tale that predates the practice of Buddhism, a person who had experienced a most dreadful and painful death will become a hungry ghost.

They will walk the face of this earth with the ability to only eat specific things. Some will forever eat delicious food and tasty treats, while others that were the most evil would be doomed to consume feces, urine, and the like.

Hungry ghosts die off eventually, but not before taking part in eating the innocent living.

5. La Llorona of Mexico City

La Llorona translates to "the crying woman." According to this popular Hispanic tale, a lady name Maria in Mexico City drowns her children to keep the love of her life around. When he dismisses her, Maria is so overcome with grief, she drowns herself as well.

Upon arriving at the gates of heaven, she inquires about her children, only to be told that she must go find them. La Llorona is set to wander the earth, searching for her children.

This story is told as a cautionary tale to prevent children from going around at night, but many have claimed to hear her loud crying and the shouting of the worlds "ay, mis hijos," or "oh my children."

6. The Toyols of Malaysia and Indonesia

The Toyols are tiny green goblin-like creatures with red eyes. They represent dead fetuses that were brought back to existence using dark magic.

7. The Romanian Strigoi

The Strigoi of Romania are much like vampires: they are ghosts who have died in despondent manners, such as suicide, murder, unbaptized people, as well dying before marriage.

With a wild mane of red hair and eyes of violet, the stigoi survive by ingesting human blood. To prevent from becoming a strigoi, it is necessary to be buried with a bottle of whiskey.

I would rather never cross a strigoi or El Silbón. I hope to never get jumped by a myling or have to hear La Llorona's crying. But should it happen, I hope I am ready to find myself against these horrifying and wicked spirits.

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