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We all love to see a interview with our favourite star on occasion whether that's to simply learn more or to be entertained but time comes when we have to ask the question: When does an interview cross the line?

In a recent interview lead by channel 4 in the UK, Hollywood star Robert Downey Jr. felt the need to walk out on his interviewer Krishnan Guru-Murthy leaving him with around 3 minutes still left on the clock. However, seeing the distorted look on the stars face only bought up some questions in my mind as the interview progressed.

Around the 3:45 mark in the interview is where I started to spot some signs of invasion by Krishnan where he starts to talk about the relationship between his genius, playboy, billionaire philanthropist persona and his actual identity as Robert. "But he's becoming a much more likeable character aswell isn't he?" To which is then extended to "In a way that you are aswell I suppose." Robert then proceeds dull down the question by answering with a very awkward "Sure." followed by a grin to the camera. Here is where the prying begins to become obvious in the Interview and I believe that there are some lessons to take from it, them lessons being that these actors are people too, they also share emotion just like us 'normal' folk. Going into ones personal life in this interview seemed to me to be completely out of bounds as this was no tell all procedure, this was only intended to be a promotional piece on behalf of Marvel's new blockbuster and that's where things seem out of order as he has no right to particular go in on his personal life with drugs or anything related to the matter.

Looking further into the concept of an interview going astray we can see that this has happened on many occasions before and there's one in particular I'd like to talk about that concerns our same ol' friend Krishnan.

January 2013 bought the famous quote of "I'm shutting your butt down!" in a interview with acclaimed director Quentin Tarantino concerning his academy award winning movie Django Unchained. In the interview Krishnan begins to pry again by asking only about the implications of violence after buttering him up for a few minutes, luckily this interview managed to last slightly longer than the one Robert Downey Jr. which may strike some people as a surprising fact being that Tarantino has had his fair share of controversial news.

When comparing the two interviews we can notice many themes and sayings that often differ or come up twice. The first difference we can observe is the direct language used by Tarantino as he states "Do not ask me a question like that, I'm not biting, I refuse your question." immediately putting a halt to the interviewers path of progression, this statement then goes ahead to trigger a few minutes of rambling back and forth using only passive aggressive methods.

"This is a commercial for the movie, make no mistake." Quentin correctly speaks as the interview continues. Reading what Quentin had said to Krishnan straight away reminded me of the interview with Robert Downey Jr. as they both share the common theme of invasion. Luckily for channel 4, Tarantino decided to play the interview off with his casual body language ending the segment with a short and sweet "Thank you." that he most likely had forced his mouth to say.

Concluding on my thought process, I believe that all interviews should be held respectable to the interviewee concerning all the context that must come up around that particular period in time. If you're making a movie that focuses on a character seeking revenge, redemption, love or any of them common themes we all know and love then surely topics that delve into personal belief and opinion should seem totally foreign in this day and age.

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