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So it's come to my attention that there has been quite some controversy about the press tour for this fantastically awaited and anticipated spectacle of super hero sci-fi action, and I don't understand why these things are such a big deal.

Robert Downey Jr. Walks Out

Okay, first off, let's start with Robert Downey Jr.'s "controversy." Watch the video below before reading on if you haven't already seen it.

I don't see a problem here, except that this interviewer is WAY off base. For one, this was supposed to be a promotional interview for Age of Ultron opening here in the U.S. next week, so why is the interviewer even asking these strange probing questions about Downey's past as if it's new information. We all know he was into drugs and alcohol, and you know what? He's a good actor, so Mr. Downey, we forgive you of your colorful past. Keep doing what you do because we love you, you awesome person you.

Secondly, Downey gave this interviewer every chance to redeem himself, back track, and return to the topic at hand. He even straight up asked him, "Are we doing a promotional interview?" Which was exactly my thought as I watched this! Downey reacted respectably, and quite frankly, a lot better than I probably would have. Bravo Mr. Downey. Bravo.

Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans "Sexist" Joke

Ok, why is this even an issue? Watch this:

CLEARLY these two are JOKING! You ask two guys why their fictional love triangle involved character wants to be with both of them and how it's gonna pan out? What answer do you expect? Also, quite frankly, Black Widow, as a character, is well known to use more questionable methods to achieve her goals, and her motives are often questionable. As far as sexism goes, I use those terms to describe men as well, so I don't see a problem here.

One last thing....

Black Widow and Hawkeye ARE NOT SUPER HEROES! They are highly trained S.H.I.E.L.D. Assassins. They are not Avengers, they just get to hang out with the Avengers because they are particularly good at what they do. Don't agree with me on that one? Well, frankly, I don't care.


What do you think? Is there really a problem here?


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