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OK now i think most of you are gonna be like oh now he is doing another one sided argument but read it anyways i think you might be surprised. Now to come to my conclusions i watched every dc tv and marvel tv i could. The list will be Arrow vs Agents of Shield, Flash vs Daredevil. Im not gonna do Gotham and agent carter until im done catching up so. It goes first started, one season. i think i did it the way you guys would have. so here we go. Spoiler Alert now if you havent seen the latest episodes of this show then please do not read.

  • Arrow vs AoS ok lets start with action they both have an extreme amount of action i think AoS has it in this sense because Arrow has alot more drama in its episodes then AoS but it was a slim win because AoS has lots of Drama but the action out ways the Drama so AoS wins. For villains Arrow has this one they have had so many villains even ones that tie to Batman and Superman, and other Justice League members, I think AoS has had four big villains like Creel, and the Kree i guess but that just off the top of my head right now. So Arrow has it in this one, Next we Surprise effect in my opinion Arrow has this one as well but also a slim win. I think what brought me to this was i was looking more foward to the next episode on Arrow than AoS. I mean the whole. I want you to be Ras Al Guhl my heart stopped so in this one Arrow wins. So i think Arrow has it for these two but it was a very slim win cause i enjoy both Series so Arrow Win.
  • Daredevil vs The Flash OK Action i think they are even because i havent seen a huge deference in the action for either so im gonna say a tie, my reasoning is because there is not a huge deference like you can see both of them and say well they both have action and little drama and a bit comedic side so tie. Villains Flash all the way Daredevil fought one villain through all the season Flash had a pretty good line up of villains. So Flash wins this one but Daredevil villain was played by excellent actor so was the Flashs give props. Now im not gonna do surprise effect on this one instead im gonna do The Hero's Friends like the people around, No im not including Harrisons Wells sorry. I think its a tie with this as well he have Foggy vs Cisco both the comedy of the two shows, We Katlin vs Karen both very smart and have had shit go wrong but come to love to the Hero. Joe vs Ben both are trying to help help the Hero with the main Villain so i say tie in this one. Flash vs Daredevil Flash wins but not by much only when it comes to villains so Flash wins.

Ok so thats my versus for tv a Gotham Vs Agent Carter will come as soon as im done catching up on AC so thanks please like share comment whatever if you didnt like it please keep the rude down to minimum so thanks.


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