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Avengers:Age of Ultron is only a week away,so Ive decided to countdown my "personal" best to worst Marvel cinematic universe movies.Ahead of time I want to warn you,I'm not a very critical person,Some flaws you may have with the movies I may shrug off.So again as a warning I am a very big marvel fan(Both comics and On-screen adaptions

So,at the bottom of the list is Iron man 2,I went to the theater and was a little disappointing.At the time I was ten but I still wanted a gripping story that expanding the characters similar to the first one. Don't get me wrong this movie has great moments It introduces Black Widow and expands Nick Fury and shield more ,The "Suit"case,The final battle and most of the comedic timing was great.But in the end due to its Lackluster villain and overall bland its definitely the weakest film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.......Oh and does Rhodey look different to you ?

To give The Incredible Hulk credit making a Hulk film is not an easy job,and this movie was a big plus compared to Ang Lees Hulk,or as I like to call it ,Sulk.Also it skips a origin story and went straight to the story(Which is great and saves alot of time) It felt like the same thing as the other Hulk stories and it seemed like they set up alot of things that just didn't go anywhere Like,The Leader,Betty,and what ever happened to The Abomination? Hulks awesome though

Next is Thor,Like Iron man 2 I was super excited to see Thor.Now In no way is it a bad movie,but as someone who read a lot of Thor comics before the movie came out I was expecting something different. To start of the main attraction to Thor is Loki,he's definitely the best Marvel villain to date and Tom Hiddleston did a fantastic job portraying him.The action is great and the characters very likable.But like I said I wasn't expecting him to be on earth 3/4 of the movie.I was hoping to see him travel throughout space to give us an intergalactic feeling movie.Also Darcy is the most annoying character ever.

Thor's sequel-The Dark World is a big improvement on the first one.Better action,more complicated story-line,unique settings in each scene,it also explored more planets than the first one,which like I said,is what I was looking for in the first one,Intergalactic shenanigans.loki returns as sort of an anti-hero,but thats the problem with this movie,The villain,Malekith.He was sorta just there,he didnt really get fleshed out at all and really was disappointing.But that ending though

The rest of the movies on this list are (In my opinion) all great.So to start the final five is Captain America:The First Avenger,Alot of people wouldn't rank this in their top 5,but personally its one of my favorites.As far as superheroes go Captain america is the most inspirational,the whole theme of this movie is-Its about whats on the inside that makes a great man.And even after Steve get injected with the serum he is still a humble good guy.Besides Steve,Red Skull is a pretty good villain too,the thing that makes him so great is the fact that he is literally the opposite of Steve,Hes self-centered and missuses his powers for wrong reasons,Also,he's a nazi.Peggy Carter plays the role of Steve's love interest,and a strong secondary lead,You know a character is great when she/he gets their own TV Show about them.Some people complain about the lack of action and how they montaged over big parts of the battles,but the characters and story intrigued me enough to forgive that,Overall I really enjoy this film.

Now before you write why this movie is horrible in the comments,ask yourself,was this movie bad because of the overarching story?Or do you really just hate it because of the Mandarin ? I've re-watched it recently and can honestly say its still a amazing movie.The Mandarin Twist totally butchers the Comic book representation ,but guess what? Nobody saw it coming!(which is ironic because in the trailer the Mandarin says "You'll never see me coming") I love the classic Iron man comics and I see the hate on how they handled the character,but this is"Iron man3" not "The Mandarin"Take that out of the equation and this movie holds-Fantastic action scenes,great comedic timing,advancement in character arcs and so much more!I may be the only one,but I truly like this movie.

So after the events of The Avengers we delve further into the corporation S.H.I.E.L.D and descover their secrets.This movie was so unexpectedly good,Not only does it make Steve Rodgers a cooler Hero but also expanded on Black Widow,Nick Fury and adds new member of the MCU such as Falcon,Crossbones,MockingBird and My favorite Marvel villain-The Winter Soldier .Its a intense ride with some really well choreographed fight scenes and really moves the MCU in a good direction.

The first movie in the MCU kicks it off with a bang,Iron man is a Crazy fun time with some of the best scenes in a marvel movie to date.Robert Downey Jr. owns it in this role and in my opinion IS Iron Man,They story is fantastic and the visual effects still hold up great seven years later.If for some reason you havent seen this movie,watch it now .It some of the best Marvel has to offer

As a runner up is Avengers!While this isnt my #1 Favorite movie,it does hold a special place in my heart,I dont think Ill ever experience a moment in a film where my eyes and moth stay open in awe for the whole scene(In case you are wondering which scene I am referring to-

Its the best single minute in cinema history,I mean the world had never really seen something so great as a Superhero team-up movie and Joss Whedon did it so perfectly.

And my #1 all time Favorite marvel movie is Guardians Of The Galaxy.This movie captures what its supposed to be so well,The large array of planets,The lovable cast members,the amazing Score and Soundtrack everything in this movie is,"Fun". In the first five minutes you feel for the main character "Peter" and by the end of the film you have a whole band of misfits that you love.This movie made a talking Raccoon and a Tree that can only say three words the summers most popular characters.The only complaint I have about this film is Ronan The Accuser,hes similar to Malekith where hes bad because "Oh youre people and my people fought so lets destroy the galaxy".But that ending where StarLord says-"You said it yourself [email protected]#,We're the guardians of the galaxy"Gave me goose bumps


So there are my Favorite movies Worst to Best from the MCU so far,what are your favorite?Answer below let me know!


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