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Denny Erickson

The Entire Industry "Sexualizes" Everything from Soda Pop To Comic Book Characters to Laxatives, Every Thing is being made to look Sexy regardless of your Orientation , Which yeah annoys me a bit ,but thats another Topic.. Yesterday While on the tail end of an Exhaustive Press tour Actors Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner , to whom are Really Decent Stand Up Guys in the Business , made a Provocative Statement regarding the Fictional Character of Black Widow, And If anyone of the folks that got their Panties all wadded actually READ the Comic , Black Widow DOES Sleep with just about everyone in the Marvel Universe , Thats Her Character and How Her Character Deals with Stress , its based off real Secret Agent types that pretty much do the same thing. .. Black Widow is a Bit Slutty to Get Her Way and To Cope , Her Sexuality is a Weapon in itself . SO Please Stop Trying to make anything out of a Jokingly Awkward Comment that was taken out of context though the character actually is a bit Slutty, Then Again So Is Gamora and I don't see anyone getting upset when she was called "Whore" 90% of the movie ..

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