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Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies are some of the best movies coming out at the moment. Nearly everyone has at least one Sci-Fi or Fantasy movie that they want to see this year. Most films deal with these genres but are placed in seperate categories (like superhero and fairytales). From "The Wizard of Oz" to "X men Days of Future Past.

Fantasy films deal with magic, myths, and the extraordinary.While Sci-Fi deals with extraterrestrials, aliens and time travel. In alot of movies these overlap and most of them are brilliant movies. Some of the best movies do join these two genres.

I personally love Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies. Most of the time when I go to the cinema or get a new DVD it would have something to do with Sci-Fi or Fantasy. Movies like these can go one of two ways either fail miserably(X MEN Last Stand, unfortunately) or amazingly (Guardians of the Galaxy). These movies attract bigger crowds each time and alot of the times they get more and more sequels(see the ENTIRE Marvel franchise). They have giant fanbases across the world andget big crowds for anything.

Sorry the pictures so big
Sorry the pictures so big

Now i want to write about one of my favourite films in this genre. Of course its "The Avengers". I know I might sound like everyone else but it is an amazing film. It brings a great script, awesome action and an amazing cast, all with their own backstories to create a fantastic film.

"It goes back to the very first incarnation of The Avengers, it goes to The Ultimates, it goes to everything about it. It makes no sense, it's ridiculous. There's a thunder god, there's a green 'id' giant rage monster, there's Captain America from the 40s, there's Tony Stark who definitely doesn't get along with anybody. Ultimately these people don't belong together and the whole movie is about finding yourself from community." Joss Whedon on the film.

Another of my favourites is X Men Days of Future Past. After Guardians of the Galaxy came out it kind of seems like it got pushed into a corner (not like Harry). I only had one problem with the movie and that was that Anna Paquin's name was put before Ellen Page's even though she was only there 3 seconds (I know she was meant be in it more but still cmon)

Top Sci Fi and Fantasy Movies to watch

  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Thor The Dark World
  • Wizard Of Oz
  • The Avengers
  • X Men Days Of Future Past
  • E.T

Comment if you have any different favourites or if you think I should watch something


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