ByBrad Dee, writer at

In previous months, Hulk has done an amazing job of mixing action with story, and still finding a way to throw some humor into the fold. But,in the last 2 issues, we have lost the story and the humor and been stuck with nothing but 22 pages of "Hulk smash". Has it worked? Well, it does help to continue to storyline of Hulk getting rid of all the gamma characters that have been present in the Hulk series since 2008. But, now we are at the final stop before "Secret Wars" and there is only 1 gamma character left to eliminate, and it turns out to be the toughest opponent Hulk has had to face to this date. That's right everyone, it's round 2 of the Hulk vs Red Hulk battle that we knew was coming. And what a doozy of a fight we get.

Mark Bagley again displays all of his ability this issue as he showcases the brutality of the fight that is being waged, and Gerry Duggan again writes the story that shows how this fight is being seen across the world. But, we had the same thing last issue and this just feels like a rehash. Of course, we do have some extra stuff thrown in such as 4 whole page spreads of the fight and Hulk explaining why he is the strongest of them all, and a very brutal sequence between the 2 monsters that might make you cringe in pain when you see it. Of course the issue also contains a cliffhanger that will make you guess what the Hulk always had planned for himself when he has eliminated all the other gamma characters. With 1 month left until "Secret Wars", this series has done a good job of finishing off all of its storylines in a concrete manner(unlike some other series) and has still left us guessing on what is coming next. I do feel this issue(and last) will be better suited in a graphic novel because it feels more like a single issue that has been broken into 2 issues. I liked it and it had amazing art(as always), but, it still wasn't the best of the series. I give this comic a 6 out of 10.


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