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Ladies and gentlemen, as we approach the arrival of the fourth installment in the Jurassic Park Franchise, we are now greeted with an interesting new perspective. While I am excited as the next guy for Chris Pratt, an increasingly popular posse of our favorite Pack hunter, the Velociraptor, I am still waiting for the big reveal of what is quite possibly my BIGGEST childhood Hero. The queen, the OG, Tyrannosaurus Rex.

We all remember that scene in the first movie, right? Dr. Grant, Ellie, Lex and Tim are stuck between two raptors, ready to pounce. Just when you think it's over for someone, and you start placing mental wagers on which person will be the next to die, BOOM, our hero makes her triumphant return to lay waste to the two raptors before facing the camera with an earth-shattering roar of victory. And the second movie highlighted the Tyrannosaur even more. Not one will soon forget the terrifying and awesome sight of a Grumpy Male T-rex wrecking San Diego before tearing it up on the boat with lil' Rex.

Then came the third movie... I know I am speaking for many fans when I say how utterly disappointed I was upon seeing the death of my favorite character/animal/hero on the big screen. I almost lost all faith in the movie after that one moment. I was angry and annoyed with the Spinosaurus. Who did he think he was? Coming into my childhood and murdering the coolest part of it seemed like the most heinous crime, until he got what was coming to him in a rather crispy tenders kinda way.


Now, Onto the newest installment- Jurassic World. Refresh yourself on the Trailer here:

Now, as cool as it is that they've upped the anti on Dangerous Dinos, I have noticed a Stark absence of our favorite Tyrant Lizard [Queen]. She is visible at roughly 0:38 and 0:39 Seconds in this new trailer. However, I am still awaiting her Triumphant return to the Big Screen in all her glory.

There has been speculation and rumors floating around of an epic battle between this new Indominous Rex and the reigning Isla Nublar Champion, the prodigal Tyrannosaur from the first movie, Or a Tyrannosaur in General. We will assume that it is the Rex from the first film, as the tell-tale scars on her face, neck and torso would lead us to believe.

1: If it is indeed the lovely Lady Rex from the first film, one would think that she is no longer in her prime, she is no longer the top of the food chain as she is rapidly approaching senor citizen status, Meaning the newer, younger, fresher I-Rex would have little to no problem knocking her off. (Which would again make me incredibly sad.)

2: They said they created the I-Rex to be bigger than the T-rex, which would prove to be a challenge for even the most vigorous of Tyrannosaurs. The lack of strong arms proved to be detrimental in the epic rumble in the Jungle in Jurassic Park III. and if they end up killing off another Tyrannosaur in this film Franchise, I might actually riot.

Personally, I am waiting for a new trailer to have at least a teaser of the part the Tyrannosaurus Rex will have in the new movie. With an epic reveal of her in all her insane T-Rexy glory. My hope is that the Tyrannosaur will make more than an appearance, and she will have a good part in the movie, without I-Rex brutally murdering her. If they do fight, My biggest hope will be that the queen comes out on top.

Please, Mr. Tevrow, Don't kill my hero again. Don't let me witness the Murder of my favorite animal on the big screen a second time.


Do you think the T-rex will have a Showdown with the I-Rex?


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