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Do or do not, there is no try..
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Supernatural going 8 Seasons strong!
Supernatural going 8 Seasons strong!

Every year Supernatural sets up a finale that promises to leave you shaken. This year expect no different. If you're not caught up with Supernatural, you should bookmark this page and come back.

Dean needs God-Level Magic!
Dean needs God-Level Magic!

Things have taken a turn for the worse as the hunt to find a spell to break of curse of The Mark of Cain gets closer. Since Crowley revealed that The Mark is a curse, Sam & Dean Winchester have been working tirelessly to find a spell that can break it. Having gone as far as breaking out Metatron from Heavens jails in order to find a lead. Metatron filled them in that to break the mark will take "God-Level" magic.

Well, knowing that God isn't available right now, the Winchesters went another route. When Charlie played by Felicity Day locates the powerful "Book of the Damned", it opened up a new path of options.


Nothing comes that easy for the boys, and the spell to break the curse will come with a heavy price. The Book of the Damned contains the spells to the worse curses in existence as well as the spells to break them. There is only one problem, the spell will come with a terrible consequence.

As explained last season, the mark is the price Cain paid for stopping Abel from making a deal with Lucifer; the Marks creator. The Mark of Cain is the FIRST curse ever created in existence; allowing the bearer of the mark a power to kill so great, that combined with The First Blade the host of the curse becomes unstoppable.

What they failed to find out before it was too late is that the Mark makes it's host immortal. When Metatron mortally wounded Dean Winchester, causing him to die from the injuries the Mark resurrected him as a Demon.

Demon Dean was an unstoppable force who granted no mercy and killed without regret. A situation so grave, that he needed to be injected with human blood in order to quell the demon inside.

Which now brings us to our current dilemma. Knowing that the blood cure will not work should Dean become the Demon of the Mark once more, Sam is desperate to find a save for his brother. Enter Rowena.

Crowleys witch mom tells Sam about an ancient spell book able to help her decipher the Book of the Damned. They make a deal. The cure for the mark in exchange for Sam agreeing to kill Crowley. The book, hidden away by a rogue member of the Men of Letters nearly cost Sam his life to obtain. With a little help from his brother, the Winchesters finally got their hands on the book.

Of course Dean is unaware of what Sam is planning, thinking his brother burned the book of the damned. So what can we expect in this years season finale? There will be a price to pay. Will Crowley find out about Rowena's deal with Sam? Will Dean find out about what Sam is up to? Will Castiel find out about what Sam is doing and get in his way? What about Metatron and the Demon tablet?

Regardless of what happens I'll say this; the Mark of Cain has brought a very interesting dynamic to Dean Winchester. Here is a weapon so cool when used that Dean becomes unstoppable. There is no question the mark is bad news story wise, but look at this fact.

Out of the two brothers, Dean is the one who most enjoys the violence brought on by the life. The combat fulfills this desire brought on by both the mark and his inner self. In the past, there was always this air of vulnerability when the Winchesters went into battle; but with the Mark of Cain, the odds are on their side.

Choices have to be made, consequences paid; as we enter the last chapter of The Mark of Cain. Don't be surprised of we even see a cameo of....God. It may take the heavenly fathers intervention to bail the boys out of this one.

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