ByBrad Dee, writer at

What Convergence has done in recent weeks is bring back a number of nostalgic figures that we haven't seen in months, years or even decades. Now, this week we are involved in the pre-Crisis days of the DC universe. A time when Batman didn't have Tim Drake of Jason Todd around. A time when Superman was not married to Lois and was always fighting the never ending fight. A time when the JLA didn't consist of all the largest heroes of the DC universe. And, a time when Barry Allen was leaving the DC universe following a trial so he could live a happy life with the love of his life.

Convergence has been telling the stories of these characters under the dome in a way where we get to watch "a day in the life" of them. But, this issue is a little different. We still get to see the day the dome went down for Barry Allen, but we also get to go into his mindset of how it's like not to be the fastest man alive anymore. He still has his wits and charm. He still has his love for Iris and his hope that they will be together again. He still has his hope that everything will work out in the end. But, he also has his reality that this life he now leads may not be ending anytime soon. We get to watch Barry run to remind himself of who he used to be, but now, he can't even outrun some women. We get to see the detective side of him as he attempts to solve a case in Gotham City, but can't find all the clues in time. This is not the life of the Flash. This is the life of an ordinary man, and Dan Abnett does an amazing job displaying it. Just like in all the other tie-ins, by the 3/4 point of the book, the dome comes down and his powers return. Now, he is trapped in a world where he knows he must fight to return back to the world that he used to live. Hopefully the next issue is just as good as this one was. I give this book a 8 out of 10.


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