ByWilliam Shirley, writer at

Before taking my kids to see this movie I read several reviews. Most reviews stated that the movie was a "kid only" or "boring to anyone over 13" type production. I have to disagree. The movie while simple was heart felt and entertaining. I enjoyed the comedy and found myself rooting for the characters. No, its not a thriller with M. Night type twists but if you are watching Home you honestly arent expecting anything more than a good time for your kids. I have seen many a movie were my kids are enjoying themselves but I found myself bored or disturbed. Not so with Oh and his colorful race of boov. Overall I give it a 8.5 of 10 for children and a 7.5 of 10 for the rest of the family. Worth the theater price for us and will probably be a purchase once it hits the retail shelf.


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