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Hello. My name is Akari. Akari Kekse. As a fan of the paranormal, but also as a skeptical, one of the things that excites me the most is finding tangible evidence of strange and bizarre events. Evidence that is not experienced by only one individual, but by a multitude of them. Evidence that is not only visual, but physical and undeniable.

I will talk today about a video that brought strange and nefarious sensations to those who have watched it. Some people affirm that they have experienced sickness, dizziness, and headaches. One person even claims to have suffered a heart attack that put her life at risk.

I have to say, there is a chance that the following images will cause you discomfort, so I suggest, that if you feel that you are at risk by looking at them, because you are somebody vulnerable to paranormal forces or sensitive to the spirit world, to take a lot of precautions, or avoid doing so completely.

The doll

Peggy, the haunted doll
Peggy, the haunted doll

A woman, whose name is not available for privacy concerns, started to suffer from nightmares while in possession of the evil doll, named Peggy. The nightmares soon evolved into unbearable night torments that kept her awake for hours at night. She then experienced sickness and fever that were ruining her normal life. She, realizing that there was something wrong with the doll, decided to look for help.

She contacted a priest.

Sadly, this holy man couldn't help her, so she, after experiencing delirium, hallucinations and high fever, and having lost her faith in a remedy, decided to get rid of the damned doll.

She looked for help in the best place available: the internet. She found it in the hands of Jayne Harris, Paranormal Investigator.

The investigation

Jayne Harris. P.I.
Jayne Harris. P.I.

Jayne leads an investigation team dedicated to investigating the phenomenon known as spirit attachment.

Spirit attachment, as its name indicates, is when an entity attaches itself to a living person or an object. Cases of demonic possession enter into this category as parasitic, immaterial beings absorbing the energy of unaware living hosts.

Jayne has investigated the doll and has reached her own conclusions. According to her research, she concluded that the spirit attached to the doll is that of a Jewish person who died in the Holocaust. This spirit was able to communicate and express words like "David" and "Star."

Evidence also exists, pointing towards the idea that the being residing inside the doll shows aversion to Crucifixions and religious iconography. In my opinion, this can indicate that this is not a simple spirit living in here, but a full-time malevolent demon . . .

The curse

But I as told you before, the most interesting part of this supposedly paranormal evidence, and the thing that attracted me the most, is not the video or the images, but the reactions that the unfortunate people who watch them, have

According to Jayne, after publishing the video, available below, several people contacted telling her that they had suffered paranormal events in their own houses. They claimed, for example, to hear strange noises, that the bulbs blew without apparent reason, and that the habitations where they were got extremely cold.

One woman affirms to have felt a strange presence in her own room, and it didn't go away until Jayne took the doll to an isolated area and asked her to stop. Remember that Jayne was miles away from that unlucky woman.

Others claim to have felt different types of discomfort, like headaches, anxiety, chest pain, and dizziness.

I was not exempt from this curse. Just as I started to write this article, the space key of my keyboard broke in half (!).

But well, I have to give a rational explanation for all of this . I believe that people suffer from these conditions by autosuggestion. If someone claims that this, or whatever picture or video, causes discomfort, we get predisposed to suffer the supposed effects. Also, if strange things start to happen around us, we relate those situations to the supposed haunted object.

The Video

Watch it at your own risk!

Anyway, if you experience something bad or strange while reading this article, please let me know in the comments section below. But I really hope you don't . . .

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