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Stephen Adamson

Superhero movies these days attract some of the best directors in the biz, and Clint Eastwood is fresh of the success of American Sniper, which was awesome. He's also just a legend overall and could probably nail a superhero movie - I specifically could see him crushing it with something big like Superman.

He recently talked about the possibility of directing a superhero movie at CinemaCon:

"Not now, I don't think. I read comic books when I was a kid, I don't read them now. I prefer adult oriented stuff. I mean that in the PG-13 or R sense, but that's as far as it goes."

Not sure if that makes sense. I don't think superhero movies necessarily have to be aimed at kids. But, yeah, it doesn't sound like Eastwood is all that excited to crank out a superhero blockbuster.

Shucks... well, at least we still have The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly to remind us of the greatness that is Clint.



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