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We guessed it! Today, on The Joker's 75th Anniversary, David Ayer revealed a photo for the Joker of the new age- the Suicide Squad (2016) Joker! Here he is in all of his glory, played by Jared Leto!

Now, it's extremely different from versions of the Joker we're used to, and very different even from comic Joker. Already though, fans and I over at have some theories as to the look. We love the green and purple, though the tattoos are definitely an interesting choice. Joker is rarely the kind of person who is outwardly "punkishly" insane- he's classy. That said, they have their reasons for being there, and could work amazingly well!

Frank Miller's Joker also sports tattoos.
Frank Miller's Joker also sports tattoos.

Is this our final Joker?

But we think this may just be that this is prison Joker. You remember this leak from not long ago, of Jared showing a friend his new Joker in an apparent video reveal (which I admit I was hoping for today!)?

So what of this leak?
So what of this leak?

Here, the tattoos are absent, notably the 'damaged' on his forehead and the "J" teardrop. For what it's worth, his teeth also don't appear rotten, but I could definitely work with that touch if we weren't going with 'pearly white' Joker. Our theory is that this is simply a prison Joker, hence the tattoos and the lack of shirt- perhaps they're not even really tattoos, but scrub off. Another theory with the teeth is that Batman's punched them all out- sounds credible!

Or, he's yet to put on our beloved white face make up. We'll see. Two things I very much like- he does look certifiably insane (those eyes! they won't stop staring), and the green hair/purple glove are an excellent touch to bring in comic Joker. Getting tattoos in prison isn't uncommon, and this could show us this Joker has been active and in Arkham loads of times- or, perhaps in the Joker fashion, he drew them on. Bear in mind, they may not even be tattoos- just designed to look that way. For all we know Mr J drew them on in black marker.

Zac Soejono said in the comments, a theory I like-

Considering that they're using an older Batman that's been retired for a while (at the very least an older Batman), Joker has had time to transform from the classy character to this even more twisted and deranged character. A friend theorised that he got the tattoos while in Arkham because he enjoyed the pain. I added that maybe he's using the tattoos as a coping mechanism for his life without Batman.

Bear in mind, if you don't like the tattoos, Joker is a wearer of gloves and suits. He won't be running around shirtless for all of Suicide Squad, and even his facial ones can be covered up with some white makeup. This could make perfect sense for a guy who's been in prison for a long time. Our fully dressed Joker is yet to come, so hang in there if you've got doubts!

Robin Easter Egg? New smile? All a ruse?

A friend of mine on Batman-News' forums, Tw1s7, also pointed out something very interesting. You see the giant grin tattoo on his left arm? Perhaps that's how we'll accomplish the pretty much physically impossible enormous Joker grin from the comics/animation, as he holds it in front of his face.

What hurts more, pumpkin?
What hurts more, pumpkin?

Another interesting observation from commenter Marti there- note his left arm. You see the wing, almost looking like a dead bird? Could this actually be hinting at a dead Robin? AKA, Jason Todd, murdered by the Joker?

Jared's obviously paying homage to "The Killing Joke" again.
Jared's obviously paying homage to "The Killing Joke" again.

The grills on the teeth are interesting. I'm used to a pearly white smile, but perhaps those teeth will be fakes, and his real ones are like this, assuming he's imprisoned- if he's gone head to head with Batman loads of times, missing teeth/having them filled in makes perfect sense to me.

It's sure an interesting take from Ayer, and I can't wait to see it in action- but, admittedly, I hope that our classy, grinning Mr J is on the other side of the all of this, once he suits up fully.

And, really, with a suit and some makeup, that's exactly what we're left with. As I said, he's not going to be running around shirtless for the whole movie. Don't think we've seen this Joker in all his glory yet.

In other news, earlier Ayer posted a "Happy Birthday Mr J" tweet- for us Harley Quinn fans, this could mean amazing things, because David knows that's the customary pet name Harley has for her puddin', and it's a fair bet to say it'll be used in the movies!

Zack Snyder, Batman v Superman director, has commented-

I wonder what me means by "cryptic." But that dialogue sounds like it could definitely be in Suicide Squad, and may imply Batman's involvement somehow. Perhaps that's just reaching, or maybe Zack's ready to put this Joker in Justice League and beyond one day.

What do I think? Well, it sure is confronting, but Leto himself has the potential to be the best Joker yet, and we can all warm to this look!

What are your thoughts? My own are kind of expressed in the post- I'm iffy on the tattoos and rotten teeth, as I've always been very much a grinning, classy Joker kind of guy, like the one in the Arkham series- but I have faith that he'll appear in this movie at some point, and the tattoos may not be a staple of his character in the DC Cinematic Universe.

Put on a suit and cake on some makeup, we have the best looking Joker yet.
Put on a suit and cake on some makeup, we have the best looking Joker yet.

Whatever the case, the green and purple combination is enough to get me hyped, because those colours are perfect! I have absolute faith in Leto's acting, and I'm sure he'll bring us something great- from day one I've said I think he can be the perfect Joker, and while I'm not a fan of the tattoos, they may not be a permanent addition at all, nor the teeth. I'm just not necessarily sold on the design yet- the insanity? FOR SURE! This Joker is the kind that has definitely killed some Robins! I don't necessarily like the whole thing, but with that smile, the potential is definitely there, same as with the green hair/purple gloves. I'm still completely pumped for this movie and to see the king of all villains bought to life in a new way in what has otherwise been a comic accurate DC Cinematic Universe, and I'm sure he'll end up the same way.

I've gotta admit, with every passing second, it grows on me more. I'm now just unsure what this footage is of.

Perhaps it was test footage? It seemed like such a reveal kind of thing, though. To be saved on Leto's phone hints to me it's really not part of the shot movie, but it's been sent to him as an individual clip- that he's all in costume hints at that too. Maybe there's more to come today- it's early on the 25th here in Australia, after all, and still the 24th in Toronto, so there's plenty of time haha! Joker's birthday's not over til the Clown Prince of Crime laughs.

Hopefully we get some more Suicide Squad costumes, be it Deadshot or Harley, soon! Surely Harley should help her puddin' celebrate his birthday and send her regards in a photo, David Ayer? Hehehehe. HAHAHAHA!


Do you hope to see classy Joker eventually?


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