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"Happy Anniversary Mr.J, You're really swell and OK! It's 75 years to the day. Take the Night off, Let's Play!" --- Harleen Quinzel (With Ad Lib)

Today is the 75th anniversary and to top it off, David Ayer, Director of 'Suicide Squad' has tweeted us a little treat! After seeing set photos of Jared Leto as the Joker, Here he finally is in his literally naked glory.

Feast your eyes!
Feast your eyes!

David Ayer captioned the photo with:

The Suicide Squad wishes you a Happy Anniversary Mr. J!

Don't worry, you aren't being fooled by the sorcery of Photoshop, the image, which pays homage to Alan Moore's The Killing Joke, is very real! Straight from the official Twitter of the film's director, David Ayer. I have been a supporter of Jared Leto as The Joker since day one! Everyone thinks that he is gonna be a big let down but he is an Oscar award-winning actor. He's got the chops in my honest opinion. He looks like a complete psycho and that's a good thing in this context. He's scarred up, possibly from past encounters with the dark knight. He's tattooed up and ready to terrorize Gotham. On his forehead, He has the word "Damaged" tattooed onto his forehead which is a tad bit much for the character, but Finally, we get a Joker who realizes his own madness and points it out and laughs at it. That's all I ever wanted. It’s unlike any Joker we’ve enveloped with our fanboy/fangirl eyeballs in film, television or comic books before. This is definitely an inventive variation on a very classic character, although he still has his signature green hair, wild eyes, purple glove, and pale skin, which may or may not be makeup. It's very cool that he’s got the Joker’s classic smile on one arm and maniacal laughter down another and on his chest. The Joker is a very tragic character and #1 on my favorite villains list followed by Smaug, and Ultron.

Heath Ledger did phenomenally well but I have a feeling that Jared Leto will give me a Joker closer to the comics and more like the 'Mark Hamill' variation of the character. I hope the film equally balanced the comedy and tragedy of the character's personality. That's something that I never felt with Heath's Joker. I felt no sympathy for his portrayal as I have for Mark Hamill's and The Killing Joke's Joker. Mark Hamill, even though he's a voice actor, is my favorite actor to play the role. Seeing this photo, I realize that I am more excited for this film than "Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice" and I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing. I guess it depends on which film the studio wants you to be more excited for and I am assuming that it's 'BVS: Dawn Of Justice". I've just always wanted a more comedic Joker and I simply cannot wait to see him interact with Harley for the first time in live-action on the big screen!

Voice your thoughts in the comments below. Suicide Squad arrives in theaters August 5th, 2016!


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