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((If you haven't seen the Avengers, Thor or Dark World or you don't want any spoilers about those, Thor Ragnarok or their possible future... Then stop reading!!))

-Warning... Long winded post incoming...-

What if everything that happened to Loki, mainly in the Avengers, has been the plan all along?

I was watching Avengers, again, the other night and started thinking about it a little differently. There were, to me, a few, nitpicky, things that have never quite felt right about this movie:

-Loki's motivations in Avengers 1 never sat well with me. Why rule Earth? Earth was his "reward" for delivering the Tesseract? He never liked Earth, in fact he hates it here. He views all of us as so far beneath him. (Such as ants under a boot.) So why strive to rule an anthill? Just for revenge against Thor... Doesn't make sense...

-Why would Thanos give an Infinity Stone to Loki? (assuming his staff is the Mind Gem) These Stones are, beyond, precious, especially to Thanos, so why give/loan one to this "New Guy"? (assuming they first met after Loki dropped from the Bifrost) Thanos has many other minions that are more loyal and more known to him and this plan to go to Earth doesn't seem to require Loki, specifically, so "Why Loki"?

(Yes, Loki knew exactly where the Tesseract was located at, as shown in the post credit scene of Thor 1, but once Thanos knew it was on Earth, surely he could send anyone to root it out, on such a "backwater" planet such as Earth.If he couldn't "make" Loki talk. )

-So what could Loki have offered Thanos to get him to gamble with the Mind Gem? Earth? Ha! So... "Why Loki"?

-How did Dr. Selvig know to "build" a way to shut off the Tesseract while under the staff's control?

-How does a bump on the head override the power of a freaking Infinity Stone?

Here we go...

I theorize that Loki never intended to rule earth or to win at all. He wanted to lose! That was the plan all along.

By losing he got exactly what he wanted...

I'm going to cover my "nitpicky things" above a bit out of order...

Somehow Dr. Selvig "knew" to put in a way to shut off the Tesseract, even though he wasn't in control of himself, at all. Hawkeye was attacking, and trying to kill, people he had known for years, so he, obviously, had 0% control over himself. I can believe Dr. Selvig is more intelligent than Hawkeye, but I do not believe he has more willpower. I, especially, do not believe that the good Dr. had enough willpower to go against the push of an Infinity Stone.

I theorize that Loki "told" Dr. Selvig to build the way to shut it off, again, meaning to lose the "war". Knowing that Thor would eventually come and try to "save the day", arrest him and take him, and the Tesseract, back to Asgard. (Which was what he wanted all along.)

Going along with that "subliminal" suggestion stuff, I think that Loki intended for Hawkeye and Dr. Selvig to be "recovered", so Hawkeye could ensure that Thor, and company, got to the right place (Which Tony had figured out before hand, but Loki had no way of knowing that was intelligent enough to piece it together) and Dr. Selvig would make sure that the good guys won by giving them a, very convenient, way to end everything. I believe they were programmed to "snap out of it", probably, when they got hit.

(Otherwise it is VERY sloppy writing that the secret to overcoming the Mind Gem's power is a thump on the noggin... Hope Ultron wears a padded helmet or AoU is gonna be a real short movie.)

I've heard rumors recently that, probably in Thor Ragnarok, either while everyone is distracted or near the end, while everyone is dead/weak, Thanos may come to claim the Tesseract, by stealth or force. Personally, I don't think it'll be either. I think Thanos will come to Asgard, Loki will look at Thanos, bow and hand the stone over, very willingly. (Loki is not a fool and he knows that to betray, or fail, Thanos, at least at this point, is suicide.)

Loki never wanted to rule Earth, he only, ever, wanted to be king of Asgard. I believe he didn't just promise Thanos the Tesseract, he promised him the Tesseract, a certain Gauntlet (if it indeed is in Odin's vault) and also the "loyalty" of Asgard. All of that would explain "Why Loki"!

Seems that Loki, now placed on the throne of Asgard, is poised to do all those things. (Also, it seems to me, that Loki somehow killed, or most likely imprisoned, Odin... And to do that Loki would need some very, very, powerful assistance.)

Thanos is a master planner and strategist. Always thinking five moves ahead and Loki is the master of misdirection and trickery. (Are we ever not going to fall for that?)

By losing, Loki/Thanos got exactly what they wanted. Loki and the Tesseract both brought to Asgard, where Loki bide his time in jail, waiting for a moment when he can "subdue" Odin and claim the throne. Also, by doing this, it's a very convenient way to get Odin out of the way for the, upcoming, Infinity War...

Let me know your thoughts down below...agree or disagree, I'd love to hear your ideas. I truly didn't intend for this to be so "long winded", but once I got going...there was no stopping..


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