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Extra Tidbit: WARNING! Controversial Opinions included

Right off, I can say I hate this.

Sorry, lovers of this.

This completely askews the idea of a TDKR Joker, which I loved. I get where DC is coming from with this, but it seems to take away the classiness of The Joker's insanity.

I don't really see a comic-based version of this any where, but Ayer is capable of making these characters street related.

I hate the appearance, but I love the idea of them. The laughing is demonically awesome, the Lips (tats) look right out of a Killing Joke, and I love the Joker card insignia on the shoulder.

He looks battle-proven, to say the least.

If I think hard about it, I do like the appearance, but I was expecting a bit different.

1) I think he fits the background of the current DCCU

2) It looks AWESOME!

3) My initial reaction was so string because I was expecting much different.

4) To fully judge it, you need Harley Quinn

Tell me your opinions below.


What do you think

Hopefully, he will be as impeccable as Ledger

I will provide a full breakdown once I can actually decide


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