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It's simple mathematics.
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With Ant-Man coming to theaters on July 17, 2015, many Marvel fans are pumped to witness the coming of a Marvel legend on screen. With the Ant-Man we discover a smaller version of the big Marvel Universe; but what can allow the Ant-Man to shrink down to such a small size? How can the Ant-Man control a whole army of ants to obey his command? Also, without all the advanced technology, what does the Ant-Man give us?

Will the technology and special effects make this movie a whole lot better?

It's All In The Suit!

How does the suit work?

Scott Lang (Ant-Man) doesn't have any superpowers like some famous characters in the Marvel Universe; but with no powers or mutant abilities, how is Scott able to make himself so small?

That red button!

The Ant-Man suit was created by Hank Pym after he discovered a chemical substance known as "Pym Particles"; which gives him the ability to alternate his size or the size of any other object/being. After testing with chemicals and particle filled gas, Pym found a way to change size at will instead of just pouring the chemicals on his skin.

With just a push of that red button, Scott will alter his size so he can become smaller and will make it easier for him to enter buildings undetected!

Ability to control ants?!

The Ant-Man doesn't just have the ability to make him small; but the ability to join together a whole army of ants that will obey his every command. In his small world Scott will need some assistance to get where he needs to go and to fight off some dangerous insects or anything that may step in his path. So now he has the help of small ants; but where do these powers to control ants with his voice come from?

It's all in the helmet!

When Hank Pym first created the "Pym Particles"and shrunk himself down he discovered a whole colony of ants; but had a problem when the ants began to attack him. When he got back to his lab and formed back into his normal size he began to study these ants. Hank wanted to find a way to communicate with these insects. He discovered that ants communicate with each other through an electronic wavelength transmitted through their antennas.

Knowing this, Hank Pym created a cybernetic helmet which allows Scott to communicate with the ants and assemble his own army. To make sure he doesn't get injured by any other insects Hank made the suit strong enough to withstand any accidental ant-bites or insect stings.

The Ant-Man suit delivers Scott the abilities to alternate his size and communicate with ants; but how can he defend himself from dangerous real threats when he has no weapons instead of his army of insects?

Superhuman Strength?!

The Ant-Man suit provides Scott Lang with the same strength he has full-sized when he shrinks down. When he is exposed to the "Pym Particles" he maintains both his speed and strength relative to being at his regular size. This gives Scott an awesome way to beat bad guys up in a way no person has ever imagined!

How will the tech and special effects make the movie better?

The Ant-Man will take fans to a smaller world in the big Marvel Universe and team up with ants to fight crime! Ant-Man will introduce a whole new way of technology and how being smaller might be better than being bigger. The special effects in the fight scenes will blow many fans minds a with all the transitions from big to small and small to big. All the astonishing technology will take viewers to a whole different kind of action and suspense!

Will The Ant-Man steal us something new?

This amazing fictional technology puts a lot of interest in the Ant-Man movie along with the powerful storyline of Scott Lang. Fans are excited to see how the special effects in all of the action scenes will play off on screen and how Ant-Man will use his size-changing ability to fight off guards or criminals.

With all that said, will the famous Scott Lang steal us a good movie with all these special effects and small technology?

Let me know what you think about the Ant-Man and his size-alternating suit!



How do feel about the size-changing fictional technology?


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