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So by now everyone has seen what Jared Leto's Joker will look like. Also surely by now everyone has sounded off their opinions to it in the comment section of various websites. But what I'm going to try to do here in this article is not try to persuade you to like it, but at least be a little open minded. In case you live under a rock, here's the image director David Ayer posted tonight:

Now let's look at what we have here. We have noticeable tattoos, the classic green hair, teeth fillings, and one purple glove. A huge criticism that this photo is getting is that he looks like a: "ghetto joker", "someone who lost their job at hot topic", or an "ICP fan".

All of this is pretty understandable criticism. This definitely isn't the joker that many of us are used to seeing. There are versions of this type of joker that exist in the comic books . They aren't too widely known, but they exist. This most definitely isn't the joker that many of us expected. For many people, this isn't the joker that was wanted. Now let's go back to what we have in this photo.

In the DC Cinematic Universe we are going to be seeing the joker in the Suicide Squad film. It's been speculated and known that the joker will be held captive in prison. What do a lot of prison inmates have? TATTOOS!!! This could explain the tattoos and teeth! We only have a view from almost waist up so we don't know what else he is wearing. He could be wearing orange inmate pants. This joker that we are getting has been in prison for a very long time, so that it's only fitting in true joker fashion that he would make himself look this way.

It's just a first image. How many fans out there we skeptical about the flash when they showed the costume for the first time? Many were! It wasn't until we saw it on the show did many of the skeptics become sold. Even more recently, how many people hated the first image of our new batman? A lot! Now with the trailer out, look how many people have changed their minds. I'm not saying that it's wrong of you to hate the photo, I'm just saying let's wait till more photos are released before all the eggs go in one basket. I'm really glad that they're doing something different with the joker. If they based him too much on the comics, then people would complain that they did that(you can never please anybody). This will be our third Joker that will be seen on the big screen. The first one was a gangster, the second was an anarchist, and now our new I think will be psychotic.

For me personally, I think he should be more pale, the smile tattoo should be gone, and his teeth should be yellow. It should look something like this:

New joker fan art by instagram user: bosslogix
New joker fan art by instagram user: bosslogix

I think that if it was like the image above, a lot of people would be more sold on this new version. But like I said, let's see what happens as production commences on Suicide Squad.


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What do you think of the new look?


Are you going to keep an open mind about this joker?


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