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Video games are a big industry and is probably bigger than movies, so It would make sense that movie directors should make video games or Creative Directors making movies. This will be a list of my favorite people who could make a movie/video game and could make a good product in that foreign industry to them... lets begin shall we...

10. Christopher Nolan

Christopher is well known for bringing his directorship to the Dark Knight trilogy. He completely re-imagined the famous comic book character into the realistic badass that we know today but I know him more for his movie Insomnia with Robin Williams and Al Pacino (my favorite of his movies). I believe Mr Nolan could pull off a cool detective game similar to L.A. Noire and Wolf Among Us.

9. John Carpenter

A living Legend! John Carpenter created the modern horror genre with his film Halloween and crafted the amazing cult classic the Thing (my favorite of his). The Thing did get a video game sequel on the PC, PS2 and original Xbox and it did get his blessing but I think that if he were at the reins he could create an amazing survival horror game, similar to the Walking Dead Game or Amnesia: the Dark Descent.

8. Quinton Tarantino

Where do I begin? All he would need to do is make an adaptation to one of his movies... Imagine a Kill Bill or a Django game, that would be great! It would be like Red Dead Redemption (my favorite game) but with a Tarantino twist... I'm getting excited just thinking about it.

7. Hayao Miyazaki

Many people recognize this visionary from his Japaneses animation films like Spirited Away and Porco Rosso, with his distinctive art style of water colour. All this time I have been thinking "what would his game be like?". Thinking about it is one thing though, his art style is so unique that i'm not sure that digital modeled characters and background would do it justice... but we could try. I imagined a game of his to be similar to Shadow of the Colossus, and I would totally get into that!

6. Cliff Bleszinski

For those who don't know Cliff Bleszinski (or Cliffy B as he is known in the game industry) he was the Creative Director at Epic Games, working for them for 20 years releasing such titles as Gears of War, Gears of War 2, Bulletstorm and Gears of War 3. Now you may think "why would you be excited to see a movie directed by him?", well... because It would be Awesome! Cliffy B has a cretin aesthetic about his work, he likes old Gothic structures, futuristic settings and jaw dropping spectacles that would put most of James Cameron to shame. His movie would have an Avatar feel whilst also having a Gothic tone much like Guillermo Del Toro.

5. Shigeru Miyamoto

Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda and Metroid... This guy created all of them, he is that good! Now Imagine a film series made by this guy, it would just scream fun and adventure to all. A movie based on a pair of plumber brothers in a fantasy kingdom to rescue a princess? A badass bounty hunter who fights disgusting giant brain aliens? A child becoming a hero in a land full of evil monsters and protect the weak... give me those movies... NOW!

4. Tim Schafer

Story is this mans strong suit, No denying that. All of his games have a lot of heart and soul in them that you feel sad leaving the world he and his team created. I admit, I have not played most of his work but the one I experienced with my friend (Broken Age) was transcending as a point and click adventure... I would not mind if this man did a Pirates of the Caribbean... just saying Disney.

3. David Fincher

Just think of the most messed up narrative ever, now imagine YOU as the main character in that universe. Fincher has made such titles as Fight Club, Se7en and last years Gone Girl. This man is also my favorite director in style, so what could he do in a game? My approach to a game by him would be similar to Alan Wake and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, keeping a dark in tone approach just the way the audience likes it.

Maybe he could remake Deadly Premonitions and make it not bad?

2. Edgar Wright

I can see it now... Edgar Wright presents FIST FIGHTER! An original 2d fighter with colorful and creative characters, it's so vivid I'm pretty sure everyone is thinking about their own presentation of it. I feel like it would take inspiration from the old school arcade games like Street Fighter II and Streets of Rage but I definitely see a fun brawler game with vibrant colours. Oh gee wiz, I'm getting excited about it already.

1. Hideo Kojima

Come on... you knew this one was coming... Metal Gear is one of the most beloved game series to young and old adults alike, and the creator is a mad scientist playing with your emotions and succeeds! The end of Snake Eater was one of the most emotional journeys I have partaken in a game (with the whole salute cutscene at the end, I still cry). He has made one of the greatest spys in all of gaming (Snake) so I think it is only fare to entrust one of the other greatest spys of all time... 007. He would do the character justice and would put his heart and soul into it. Luv u Kojima san.


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