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Leonard Caul No. 62 Recap

Picking up right where the last episode left off, Elizabeth and Dembe get Raymond out of the line of fire. As they come under fire from different directions, Liz manages to grab the Fulcrum and they get Red in the car. Dembe gets Liz in contact with Mr. Kaplan, where she puts a out a text message of Code 77 to a team of medical professionals who drop everything and come running.

Mr. Kaplan directs Liz and Dembe to get Red to a warehouse where the team quickly goes to work on saving his life. Before he goes under, Raymond tells Liz she must find Leonard Caul. In the meantime, the Director learns that the hit wasn’t successful and orders his own men to find out what happened, where they took Raymond and promptly finish the job.

The newly elected AG Tom Connolly drops in on Cooper and his boss as they assess the situation. With Liz off the grid, Connolly tells them they need to contain the situation and find Reddington. Liz gets in touch with the rest of the team back at the Post Office and tells them not only where Reddington is, but they need to locate Leonard Caul.

Liz is forced to tell them about the Fulcrum, and that Red once enlisted Aram to help him trace the number that they had found in Fitch’s safe. Remember that? I had actually forgotten, but lo and behold, that number lead to Leonard Caul. When Red and Dembe got to the apartment where he was, there was just a turned over chair and a pool of blood. Aram was definitely on the receiving end of a disapproving stare from Samar and Harold. Aram may just find himself in the Principal’s office for that one.

Red’s Life Hangs in the Balance

Back at the warehouse, a backup team from the FBI arrives to transport Red, and Mr. Kaplan quickly puts them down. Leave it to her to notice that their weapons weren’t department issue, but really the Director’s guys posing as FBI. Moving quickly, Liz and Dembe realize they have to move Raymond. More bad news though, a stray bullet killed the surgeon who was trying to save Red.

A one of the other team members does her best to close up Red, Liz reaches out to an old boyfriend who happens to be a surgeon (See WTF Moment Below) and begs for his help. Dr. Dick (yeah, he was a jackass) agrees to do it, but only for a price. He recognizes who Raymond is and says he will only operate for the amount he owes in student loans, over 300K. Mr. Kaplan hands him a briefcase of cash. Ya know, another part of Red’s contingency plans in action.

Liz brings them to another empty (or so she thinks) warehouse where they bump into Tom, who is living there. Nice digs Tom. Liz, like the rest of us, she thought Tom would be gone. He says he stuck around for the chance of a normal life, and again warns her off Reddington. Liz says she is sticking around until she gets answers about herself, Tom offers to help her find those answers (I smell a reunion!).

Liz Uncovers a New Piece to the Puzzle

While the team continues to work on Red, Dembe directs Liz to a small, second story flat. He tells her there is a case, hidden in a desk that she must retrieve and bring back to him. Somehow its related to deciphering the Fulcrum and they will need it when/if Leonard is found. He also tells her that Raymond can never know she was in the flat. Never. Dembe can’t go, because he won’t leave Red’s side. (All together now… AWE!)

Liz heads over to the flat and finds the silver case Dembe told her about. Of course though, that’s not all she finds. It’s Red’s SECRET apartment after all. On the mantle she sees her own graduation photo, and on the book shelf, there is a photo of Liz as a child with her mother. But, of course, the mother’s features are blocked out by the sun. Liz quickly snaps a pic of it with the world’s oldest cell phone (thanks to Dembe ditching hers earlier I’m sure).

Cooper is getting interrogated by his boss lady and AG Connolly. Miss Lady Boss (sorry her name escapes me) questions Keen’s loyaty and intentions, and Connolly plays into it, suggesting that Reddington has just been using Liz all along to get the fulcrum. At the warehouse, Red wakes up with Dembe at his side. He admits that he, ya know… maybe shoulda told Liz the truth.

As Liz goes to leave Red’s flat, she’s stopped by an armed man in the hallway… Leonard Caul. They go back inside to have a little chat. He shows her how the case and the Fulcrum work. Apparently the most ancient of all USB flash drive systems, the fulcrum is placed in, well, place and a projector of information starts to flash on the wall. All the old blackmail files I bet that the Director is trying to get his hands on.

Stand Out Scene – Tom & Raymond Have a Chat

There is a great scene where Tom goes to talk to Red and tells him about the day they met face to face outside the hospital, the day that Sam died. Laying it out for us was a nice way to get the pieces of Tom and Raymond’s history together.

I think about that day a lot… I worked for you for two years. We never met. You were always this shadow, moving from place to place. Talked about but never seen. But then, there you were. To see you sitting there, after I betrayed your trust, having gone to work for Berlin; I was terrified. I sat there listening to you threaten me, anyone who would hurt Liz. But all I could think was, you… you were the one hurting her the most…

There are so many layers to the relationships between Tom and Liz, Liz and Red and even Red and Tom. It is ONE of the things that make The Blacklist as good as it is. There’s certainly no cookie-cutter or stereotyping to the relationships on this show. They are all deep, complex and usually deadly. But, is Tom right? Has Raymond been the one who has hurt Liz the most?

What makes this scene so great, is that not too much time after that, Dembe gets a call from Liz that she spots a team of baddies gearing up to come in guns blazin’. As Red’s team prepares to fend them off, Tom takes up arms to protect Reddington. From that point on, chaos ensues, and it turns into one of the best gun fights we’ve seen on The Blacklist so far.

The Warehouse Showdown

Mr. Kaplan stands by Red, refusing to leave his side as the others take up arms. He tells her she needs to go, he will be fine. But, if he’s not, she knows what to do. Mr. Kaplan really is the coolest lady, and invaluable to Raymond. She leaves him with a weapon and gets out before the shootin’ starts.

While Red’s team, along with Tom Keen try and fend of The Director’s men, Liz takes the Fulcrum to the man himself and shows him that she’s got the goods. If he doesn’t want it to go public, he will call off the assault on the warehouse. He finally does so, and not a moment too soon might I add. Just as Raymond runs out of bullets, he’s surrounded by armed men, ready to kill, when they get the call to retreat.

Raymond & Liz - A Punch Right in the Feels

The episode ends with my other pick for stand out scene, as usual, a very poignant, yet veiled conversation between Liz and Red.

But Wait... There's More!

Oh, wait, did I say the episode ended… Naw… just foolin’. The Blacklist can’t end a strong mythology-orientated episode without a few more cryptic comments and drinks between bad guys with the same intentions…

As Liz left the Director’s office, he makes a remark about how much she resembles her mother. Which is right after he tells her that she has now made some seriously powerful enemies. Then, we see the Director having drinks with…. AG Connolly of course. Apparently HE was the one who leaked Raymond’s location (twice) because he wants in at the resident super villain table. Silly Tommy, don’t you know by now what Red does to those who cross him?

And last, but DEFINITELY not least, Elizabeth seeks Tom out one more time and decides to take him up on his offer to help find the answers to her questions. If that isn’t foreshadowing into their eventual reunion, I don’t know what is.

Overall, the episode was fantastic. Intense, fun, scary, and a punch right in the feels. I am considering sending Jon Bokenkamp my shrink’s bills if we don’t get some further intel on Raymond and Liz soon. I mean, there are only three episodes left in season 2!!

My 'WTF Moment': Liz turned down a marriage proposal from a surgeon, and ended up marrying Tom Keen, teacher/conman/undercover secret agent with multiple identities. Nice Liz, definitely traded up from the surgeon.

What did you think of The Blacklist 2×20 “Leonard Caul”? Are you surprised to see Tom Connolly working with The Director? Will Red really every tell Liz EVERYTHING? Hang in there guys, The Blacklist is gearing up for a great finale and I am just really grateful the show has already been renewed for season 3! See you next Thursday Blacklisters, same time same place!


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