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Ok so there have been a number of movies based on games to come out over the years. These movies have had varied levels of success.

The Resident Evil and Tomb Raider Franchises have both done very well - in both game and film world - I might point out that in both of these the main Arse Kicking Hero is actually a Heroine and this is interesting - because both products are more generally aimed at the 15-25 year old male market and whilst there is an immense amount of gender inequality in the world, female action heroes that are actually respected in their own right, is pretty awesome.

But back to the point I was making - sorry I often go off on tangents, but I do have a point.

Some games - whether video, board, card, dice, etc - make for visually EPIC presentations. However, others do not get the attention they truly require to make and they bomb out bad - I am looking at you Dungeons & Dragons, which I loved but was decimated by some really crappy writing and lack of budget. Don't get me started on D&D 2.

We all know comics and books translate to film and television nicely - but we rarely get game movies. I watch the cinematics created by the video game creators for their games and they can be absolutely breathtaking. World of Warcraft has some absolutely EPIC cut scenes that are simply beautiful. I would happily watch a full movie of these (and I have) and can say that WoW and Warhammer would be pretty insane on a BIG screen.

We are demanding more creative and elegant entertainment - why not turn to the industry of imagination, because that is what gaming is all about.


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