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I've been reading up on movie sequels, Chronicle 2, South Park Global Warning and most likely to get made Alien 5. I'm all for an Alien sequel that picks up after "Aliens", what took FOX so long to finally see what the fans have always wanted? I read a SPEC Alien sequel, in the early 90's that was written in response to the developmental hell, "Alien 3" was going through, it was sent to FOX and Sigourney Weaver and no one wanted to be bothered. Now 20 years later, after FOX drove the franchise into the ground, they want to listen to the fans, but they are working with the "M Night Shyamalan", of the SciFi world "Niell Blomkamp". I know most people view "District 9" as some sort of masterpiece, but I was not a fan. I found it tedious and boring, I knew what was going to happen next, thus I found it "Ho Hum" and "Dry". Maybe it's just me, but from Blomkamp's Alien concept art, it appears that Alien 5 might be another excursion into poor story telling with a weird factor, "Just for the sake of being weird". Elysium ended up being a cliched letdown, just like District 9, and Chappie was a BOMB. Fans it's time for a Rally Cry to FOX, "Don't let Alien get ruined, yet AGAIN". Ridley Scott introduced the ultimate monster, James Cameron evolved the alien life cycle and upped the action, making us love the characters, then studio greed took over and shat on the fans. Yeah they took a big Steamy Dump on us, by killing everyone we cared about and don't even get me started on those "Whiny British Accents", in Alien 3. Now they may be about to do it again, by hiring the wrong man to further the franchise. In each successive film, the alien life cycle was expanded upon (the two that mattered) and that needs to continue in this sequel, we need to see something new about the, now familiar beast and we need Hicks and Ripley and Newt to have proper closure. FOX originally wanted Alien 3 to take place on Earth, "Do you remember the teaser trailer?",they actually wanted it to be Alien Cubed, "Who thought of that crap?" With the lack of original ideas they ended up with, what they ended up with. The screenplay I snuck a peek at, addressed all the issues that FOX wanted, but as they only wanted to make a buck, they never pursued that manuscript. It furthered the alien evolution, it took place on Earth and there may have been multiple creatures at a secluded location, "BOOM" and our beloved characters returned, for a rightful and fitting finale, there was even a cameo for Ash. I only recall bits and pieces, but that story has stuck with me all this time, that says something about original ideas. I've also read that Miss Weaver wanted to visit the planet of the Alien's origin, well AFTER they conclude the story lines that Cameron introduced, the next project could explore that, "But give us a fan friendly finale, FIRST". Hell if FOX wants a younger lead character, just cast the right, kick ass female to play older Newt. That ancient screenplay even addressed the aging characters, "Somebody track down that script". Anyway these are just my opinions, what do you think? Am I the only one who was not impressed by District 9?


What would you like to see in the Alien sequel?


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