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Anant Arun

As we were waiting for this film for years...and yesterday was the day it released.I was having my viva but i missed it to watch the movie and it is beyond the expectation from my side i loved the every seen of the movie.
AOU is no less than a spectacle (the opening scene in particular with the heroes in slowmo - midair as they pounce on their enemies) and you get exactly what you pay for. The unparalleled action is of epic proportions and makes the mammoth destruction shown in Man of Steel and the previous Avengers film pale in comparison.

Bigger and, yes, darker than the first, this is less air-punchingly gleeful but probably more consistent. Thanks to Whedon and the most charismatic, compelling cast you’ll find anywhere, Age of Ultron redefines the scale we can expect from our superhero epics but still fits human-sized emotion amid the bombast.

Whedon and his large, capable cast (even larger for this follow-up) deliver enough adventure, laughs and flat-out spectacle to ensure that audiences will feel as if they have gotten their money’s worth, especially when Ultron zeroes in on the quiet humanity beneath the special effects.
overall,the awesome movie u had ever seen.......


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