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When I first learned that Marvel was going to bring in ULTRON for their next Avengers assembly, I was excited to see Antman on the big screen. (The actual creator of Ultron was Hank Pym aka Ant Man) It made me wonder how they might twist the story to keep Wolverine out of the picture as MCU doesn’t have the rights for Hugh Jackman’s Logan.

Yeah so once I learnt Tony Stark was going to be the father of Ultron, my expectations dropped, but were still very high. I sure as hell didn’t expect a time travel plot like in the comics because a similar storyline was adopted for Xmen Days of Future Past.

Joss Wheadon had done a good job with Avengers 1 and I trusted him to live up to my expectations, but it was too much to ask for I guess. Part one was about the tesseract used to create a wormhole, Part two is about the mind stone used to both create and defeat the AI Ultron. Well, I’m lost.

Now that we know what Avengers 3 is about, many have failed to notice that the Avengers revolve around the Infinity stones. It is true that MCU is doing a brilliant job with all the interlinks and joining the Marvel universe as a whole with one agenda, but the multiverse Earth 616 has more to it. There is more to The Avengers than what MCU has planned for them.

Given their short timeline, MCU are doing a great job with all the cool and cheesy stuff but it is high time they concentrated more on having a firm grip on their characters like in Daredevil.

Coming back to Age of Ultron, it wasn’t like Avengers 1. I felt the plot was too fast and complicated.


***It started because Hydra infiltrated SHIELD (Good connection to Cap 2: The Winter Soldier, but WHAAAATTT) Scarlet witch, shows Tony his greatest fears making him create Ultron from the scepter using the mind stone’s intelligence (Banner was okay with this). But this plan backfires on him and Ultron goes badass attempting to make the human race extinct using ‘Vibranium’ (WAIT, WHAT!). To defeat Ultron , Stark interfaces Jarvis’ AI with the mind stone to create a super AI being which turns out to be The Vision (WOW). The Vision defeats Ultron. ***

For someone who read the Age of Ultron comics and clearly understood the double time travel by Wolverine to stop Ultron, I found the movie complicated and kind of hard to digest.

What would the non geeky people do LOL. The marvel universe and Thanos references wouldn’t mean shit to them (No offence :P )

Yes I was excited by the Maximoffs and Thanos even though they didn’t quite fit in!

Final verdict? I enjoyed the film yes. It had so much humor content and intriguing dialogues. Veronica was the best. It was crazy. And few Barton scenes were too good. He acknowledges being the useless one. The whole crowd went berserk at Nick Fury’s entry. He had that charm. And Thanos _/\_ . Made sense not having an end credits scene. Too early to tease the Civil War. Anyways, buckle up MCU! Batsie vs Supes aint far behind.

- A faithful marvel fan


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