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Soldato WeathersbyTravis

FINALLY!!!! This is the official look of Leto’s Joker and it is impressive. I don’t even mind that the smile isn’t there. I think Leto is going to do this role the justice it deserves. HAHAHAHAH get it…I said Justice, You know…like Justice Lea…you get it.

Leto has been so smart giving us small tastes of The Joker for months. The small clip of him going into character on a fan was excellent. I know that many say his voice is similar to the Jokers we have previously seen but that doesn’t matter, He is going to give us something that we have not seen yet and it is going to be incredible. Seeing the snippets of the new Batman Affleck is presenting makes me want to see the dynamic between the two. We could finally get the Batman movies we deserve, maybe even a new and complete trilogy with Affleck and Leto captaining the movie w/ Ian Somerhalder as Nightwing.

BOOM!!! There is my 2 cents and a nickle, what about you?

Are you getting more excited for the finished product? Do you think Leto will bring something amazing to the table? Do you think it is too early to decide? I know this is short but sound off


What do you think of the new reveal


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