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How Many Did You Find?

Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary Special "The Day of the Doctor" had loads of hidden Easter Eggs left for viewers to find. How many did you spot. I'm now going to show you a selected number of Easter Eggs from the special. You might recognise some of them that you had spotted. To start with did you notice the 1960s opening them tune? You couldn't miss it. But lets start properly now.

1) Totters Lane

This sign was first seen in Doctor Who in the 1960s. This was when the 1st Doctor dropped his Granddaughter, Susan Foreman, off at school. We were very lucky to see the sign again.

2) A Machine That Goes 'Ding'

Remember the machine from Series 3 in 2007 in the episode 'Blink'? That wasn't the last time we saw it. Oh no, we saw it again in the 50th Anniversary Special when the 10th Doctor showed the machine to Queen Elizabeth.

3) I Don't Want To Go

The emotional word of the 10th Doctor in 2010 got us all in tears. "I don't want to go". We all thought, "we don't want to hear that again". Well the 10th Doctor repeated this line just before he left in his TARDIS in the 50th Anniversary Special.

4) 17:16pm - 23/11/63

This was a big one. When the Doctors were trapped in the dungeons, the 11th Doctor found something to do. He started carving in the wall. But what was he carving? I'll tell you, we got a close up of it but it wasn't very clear. It was actually the time and date of when the very first episode of Doctor Who aired that the 11th Doctor had carved into the wall.

5) 17:16pm

We see Clara whizzing off on a motorbike from Coal Hill school. As she does this she goes by a clock. Did you notice the time on it? It said 17:16pm. This was the time when the very first episode of Doctor Who aired.

6) Amelia Pond's Pinwheel

Remember that very first episode of Series 5? We got a glimpse of a pinwheel in the garden. This wasn't the last time we saw this pinwheel. If you looked closely you could see it on a shelf behind a scientist.

7) The 4th Doctors Scarf

The big long scarf of the 4th Doctors made another appearance. A young scientist called Osgood was spotted wearing it in this special. The 11th Doctor actually acknowledges it too!

"Nice scarf" - 11th Doctor

8) The Round Things

I love the round things! So does the Doctor. In the 50th Anniversary Special we got a look inside the War Doctors TARDIS. Yes the Round Things are back! We saw the Round Things in 1963 in the 1st Doctors TARDIS. But we still don't know what they're for.

9) River Songs High Heels

Those classy red heels are back! In the Black Archive, there's a pair of red high heeled shoes are sighted. These are the same heels that River Song carried along the beach in "Time of the Angels".

10) The Doctor Still Has The Same Phone Number!

Mr Smith had phoned the Doctor in the episode "The Stolen Earth" in Series 4. We got a look at this number on the screen. Then in the 50th Anniversary the phone number appeared again. This was because the Doctor had phoned a scientist. If you want to know the number is 07700900461.

11) My Future Is In Safe Hands

In "The Five Doctors" the first Doctor says to the fifth Doctor "It's good to know my future is in safe hands after all." Then in the 50th Anniversary the 10th Doctor says to the 11th Doctor "It's good to know my future is in safe hands." That's sweet.

12) Wearing A Bit Thin

When the first Doctor regenerated he had said "this old body of mine is wearing a bit thin". Then when the War Doctor regenerated he said this "it makes sense this body is wearing a bit thin."

13) The Black Clamps

Remember that tearful episode "Doomsday". Well those clamps that were used by the Doctor and Rose are back. They are sighted in the Black Archive.

14) Arthur The Horse Makes Another Appearance

"Stop following me! I'm not your mother". Always will be a memorable line. The 10th Doctor said this line to a horse (Arthur) in the episode "The Girl in the Fireplace". Since then he has kept the horse. We assume in the TARDIS somewhere. Well in the 50th Special the Doctor rides out of his TARDIS on a horse. Yes, it's Arthur! Good to see you again.

15) The Curator

At the end of the Special the 11th Doctor talks to an elderly man who looks like, well the 4th Doctor (Tom Baker). He actually says that they are the same man and is the Curator of the National Gallery.

Also In "The Bells of St. John" in Series 7, the book "Summer Falls" is written by Amelia Williams and mentions a mysterious and eccentric character who went by the name "the Curator." Is this the same man I wonder?

16) The Big Bad Wolf

Bad Wolf has been in Doctor Who since 2005. Bad Wolf actually is Rose Tyler (Billie Piper). In the special Rose says that she is actually "Bad Wolf".

17) The Black Archive

We first see the Black Archive in the Doctor Who Spin Off show "The Sarah Jane Adventures" starring Elisabeth Sladen. The Black Archive was holding the Tunguska Scroll which Sarah Jane went and stole. Now we see the Black Archive again in the 50th Anniversary Special.

The Black Archive
The Black Archive

18) The School Governor

If you look on the Coal Hill School sign it says that the school governor is Ian Chesterton. Ian is a science teacher at the school. Not only that, he was also one of the 3 original companions of the Doctor.

19) Headmaster Coburn

We notice that the headmaster of Coal Hill School is W. Coburn. This is actually referring to the Director and writer of the very first episode of Doctor Who "An Unearthly Child" Waris Hussein and Anthony Coburn.

20) The Ears!

When the War Doctor regenerates he says "I hope the ears are a bit less conspicuous this time." When you watch the very first episode of New Who in Series 1 in 2005 "Rose", the Doctor comments on his ears.

"Ah, could've been worse. Look at the ears." - 9th Doctor, Christopher Eccleston

There are so many more Easter Eggs in "The Day of the Doctor". These are just a few of them.


Did You Notice Some Of These Easter Eggs?


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