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So last night Warner Brothers released the first official picture of jared leto as the joker--- and honestly I'm impressed.

First of all lets take a look into the leto joker

The jokers look

Okay i am loving the tatoos can we just start on that fact. They decided to add on these amazing tatoos that give joker a look of jailed lunatic, which is exactly what the joker is. The tatoos give him a much more menacing look and the tatoos just look plain badass.

As you can see hes got the insane joker smile on his arm and also it looks like on left knuckle. And a whole punch of HAHAHA on him which tends to remind me of the background of where the joker is in the same exact position from the killing joke.

Secondly, NO EYEBROWS?

I already knew that leto shaved them off for the look, and at first i wasnt pleased especially when all the concept art came out i thought it looked terrible. But the veining coming from over his eye lids to where his eyebrows should be just adds an amazing creepy aspect of insanity.

Thirdly, completly white skin.

I am so glad they decided to choose putting full on white skin because we all know that all of jokers skin was pale white due to a chemical reaction. Here they make the paleness look real and just amazing because unlike heath ledgers joker (who i absolutely loved) they went from the comic kind of look. Of course there is jack Nicholson who had a full on white body, but honestly i never really enjoyed his performance and believed he made the joker way too serious.

And lastly, His smile

We all know when it comes to joker one of the very first things we look at is the very infamous joker grin. This is the one thing i didnt really like i see that he has mouth open and all that jazz, but there seems to be no outlining of a smile on him and he really needs that to pull in all the fans.

Even though i did compare him to ledger and Nicholson, i dont believe its right to. Leto came and gave his own take on the joker and made him look completely different then ledger and Nicholson to show that he isnt trying to be like them or better. He just wants to play his role the way he wants to and play it the way he woukd believe the joker would be like in these modern times. I think his joker is amazing and i think leto is going to be spectacular as joker. But lets just see till the movie.

Plus are we just gonna ignore this though?


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