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Well, lately, everyone has been talking about why the 2013 Superman's movie have this significant lack of color and contrast... I think I could have the answer for that...

Man of Steel (2013)
Man of Steel (2013)

As you can see in the previous pictures you can notice that Superman has a notable lack of color in his suit, the blue is kind of dark, and the yellow in the symbol is almost brown, this could be for one reason.... the entire Man of Steel movie that was released in 2013 is nothing more than a FLASHBACK!!!

This could be a possible explanation for the change of color in the suit of Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice.

Warner Bros Entertainment, Inc.
Warner Bros Entertainment, Inc.

As you can notice there is a significant change of tonalities in the suit of Superman, this change is unnecessary if this theory isn't right because at the end of Man of Steel the suit remained unharmed, not even the cape receive a scratch.

If this theory is true , it could explain why, in the name of Krypton, the suit change of color? or why does superman have a new suit?.

in MoS, the ship were superman got his suit was destroyed and I don't think her mother made him a new one (just.... no.) so this is the perfect explanation for that.

Here is the trailer of BvS: DoJ, so you can check it by yourselves:

You can notice the change in the colors in the suit of Superman and the changes in the ambient you can notice that this movie is less darker (talking about colors) than MoS.

But, what do you think? Do you think it makes for a better movie? Would you enjoy the entire film with brighter colors?


Is Man of Steel a flashback of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?


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