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There aren't really spoilers ahead for [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035) in case any of you were worried.

However, for anyone who has seen the Avengers sequel, you will all agree with me that Hawkeye is a whole lot more awesome in it than in the first film. Joss Whedon has taken a character that movie goers were starting to consider second rate, and turned him into the biggest star of the film. Many people have acknowledged this on twitter already, and as the film comes out in the U.S, we will see even more praise for Hawkeye. It seems that we need to see more of this side of the archer, and here are the reasons I feel it needs to be in a TV show.

1. How long would we have to wait for a film?

A while...
A while...

I know not many people will be begging for a Hawkeye solo film with that line up in front of us, but it does beg the question How will we ever get one? Jeremy Renner, much like the other original avengers, isn't going to stick around forever. Probably not after phase 3 in fact, so we probably won't see a solo film after infinity war.

2. The source material

Many people have compared the Age of Ultron Hawkeye to the one we are seeing in the current comic series, written by Matt Fraction. Now, this is considered by many (including myself) to be one of the greatest series out there right now, and it really digs into how Hawkeye is a normal guy, with the same problems as normal people, except when he is actually fighting with the Avengers. It's so perfect for television that I can't believe more people aren't asking for it.

I just need this show. Why can't he join The Defenders???


Should Hawkeye be on television?


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