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If we can't protect the earth, be very well damn sure we'll avenge it! And it took three... Three damn years for the Earth's Mightiest Heroes to assemble again against the Rage Of Ultron... And truly, as a Marvel fanboy, I must say, it exceeds expectations as more than a worthy sequel to its predecessor.

Let me introduce myself before starting my blabbering! I am Avishek from India, and since Avengers : Age Of Ultron has already been released in India on 24th of April, 2015, I couldn't wait to rush to the movie theatres and experience the Whedon magic once more... And for my movie lovers and Marvel fans from United States, I am sure you guys won't exterminate me after reading my review. I kept it completely spoiler free...

So, at first, those who already watched the trailers they are eventually quite familiar with the storyline of this flick, which is an Artificial Intelligence Peace Keeping Program gone rogue and is hell bent to exterminate the Avengers team. But let me assure you, the story goes far beyond the normal "good beating the bad" types.

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A standing ovation for the director Joss Whedon. He is the one man behind every wonders of this movie. Avengers : Age Of Ultron is not only a superhero flick, its a continuation of what's left and what's to come. Be it action or romance, comedy or thriller, drama or suspense, this movie is a culmination of every emotion blended together and Whedon nails it in a perfect way to keep every damn audience hooked up to the edge of their seats with utter astonishment. Look out for each and every character who shows more maturity and faces their darker past to make the future safe and peaceful.

Note for the new ones in the team, the Maximoff twins (Wanda and Pietro) and Vision are worth the watch. As Quicksilver, Aaron Taylor Johnson reminds us of Evan Peters from X-Men Days Of Future Past. Though both are portrayed way apart, this Quicksilver is also full of attitude and speed. As his twin sister, Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) makes an awesome screen presence with her telekinetic abilities and her choice to be with the "right" one. Personally, I liked both of them as a fantastic addition to the cast... And Elizabeth Olsen was damn awesome as a protective twin sister.

Vision in Marvel's Avengers Age Of Ultron.
Vision in Marvel's Avengers Age Of Ultron.

Though his origin was changed from comics to the movie, Vision makes a notable entry worth the claps from all the Marvel fans inside the movie theatres. Since 2008, Paul Bettany was only a background voice as Stark's AI J.A.R.V.I.S. and after 7 years in the MCU, he comes along a long way and shows his face in the form of Vision which is a treat to look out for.

I have got no strings on me! Yabadabadoooo!
I have got no strings on me! Yabadabadoooo!

Ohh yeah! One more badass to look out for is James Spader's voice of ULTRON! I am damn sure no one other than Spader could have been better in portraying a robot with issues against Stark and the humanity.

Nothing more to say about the main cast because we all know how fabulous they already are and seriously speaking, notifying about them is an understatement which I would always avoid from now onwards, because, hello, they are AVENGERS man! Come on! :)

From one liner jokes by Stark, to Cap's eagerness to fight to save humanity, from Banner-Romanoff romance, to Hulk versus Hulkbuster fight... AVENGERS AGE OF ULTRON is a sheer brilliance of the director's perception of how a movie with every emotion should be made.

That's the best you can do?
That's the best you can do?

About the background score, previously I was a bit of disappointed when I learnt about Brian Tyler onboard, replacing Alan Silvestri. Not to judge anybody here, but I felt Alan's score for Avengers was a fantastic one. But today, after watching the movie, I feel every bit of the music was... How to put it... SPOT ON! All thanks to Danny Elfman as well, who used tits and bits of the first movie scores and modified them to meet its match with the Ultimate Universe.

To be frank, I can write about this the whole day, but better, I should stop from potentially revealing spoilers. So normal movie lovers, 3D movie lovers, English movie lovers, RDJ lovers, Chris Evans lovers, Scarlett Johansson lovers... And most importantly, Marvel Cinematic Universe lovers, book your tickets now for the jaw dropping action sequences and 'marvel'ous 3D effects from Marvel Studios this year...

Love it or hate it...
You can't ignore the fact that... IT'S THE AGE OF ULTRON!

A solid 10 on 10 from a solid Marvel fan! :)

P.S. - Look out, there are two wars coming up! ;)

Anyone from other countries overseas where Avengers Age Of Ultron has been already released, how was your experience? Let me know via comments!


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