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"Teen Wolf" Season 5 will premiere in summer 2015, but the cast and crew have already started production, which means there's news emerging about the MTV show on a regular basis.

Fans were left with several questions after the Season 4 finale. While the "Teen Wolf" crew is pretty good about keeping set secrets, a few key developments have already been released and Zap2it will make sure to keep you up to date as news comes from the set, cast and creator Jeff Davis. Here's what's known so far.

Season 5 has a premiere date: Season 5 of "Teen Wolf" premieres June 29, 2015 on MTV!

Prepare for the Sluagh: The Sluagh has been cast! Sixteen year old Michael Lynch was selected to play the "creature of Irish and Scottish myth that eats the souls of innocents and sometimes places parts of its rotten soul into the bodies of its sleeping victims."

Lynch's role is part of his wish through the Make-a-Wish Foundation. According to Lynch spent two days on set -- one preparing for the role and the second filming. He tweeted a picture of himself with the Teen Wolf cast in celebration. Thanks to AT&T's Creature Feature, there's a new supernatural creature heading to Beacon Hills. Brooklyn artist Jessica Short designed the terrifying creature that will be featured in the upcoming season.

Liam will be striking a love connection: Scott's beta Liam will also be getting romantic this season as he comes to grips with his werewolf powers. Alisha Heng will play the new girl Caitlin in the sophomore class who piques Liam's interest.

Derek Hale will not be around: It was announced at Paleyfest on March 11 that Tyler Hoechlin will no longer be a regular on "Teen Wolf." The actor wants to pursue a movie career, so Derek won't be a constant presence for the McCall pack, but will still return for guest appearances throughout Season 5.

Maybe Alison will come back?: Davis came nowhere close to confirming that Crystal Reed would be back to play Alison Argent again. Reed was at the Paleyfest panel, and Davis confessed that he still can't watch her death scene because he misses her so much. He also said that anything is possible in Beacon Hills. He's a big fan of Crystal's, and if Reed is willing to come back for the panel maybe fans could get a flashback or something.

Season 5's theme is sticking together: It's senior year for the pack, and at Paleyfest, Davis said the main struggle for the group will be trying to stay together once they all graduate. That'll be difficult with Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) wanting to go to San Francisco and Scott (Tyler Posey) feeling like he has to stay and protect Beacon Hills.

The villains are humanlike: At Paleyfest, Holland Roden revealed that the Season 5 villains so far are her favorite of any "Teen Wolf" baddie because they are the most human. They're even more intriguing than the Nogitsune, according to Roden.

Lydia and Kira are the new BFFs: "Teen Wolf" has long been a show about bromances, but Season 5 will have Lydia and Kira getting closer. Roden tells Zap2it that Lydia and Kira have been spending a lot of time together in early Season 5, even solving mysteries without Stiles.

Malia has mommy issues: With her birth father being locked up in villain super-prison, Malia has a lot more time to look for her mother -- the desert wolf. That will be her main mission at the top of Season 5, along with passing math so she can join her friends as a senior in high school.

There's a new wolf in town: "Pretty Little Liars" alum Cody Christian will be joining Season 5 as a "lone wolf" named Theo. According to the MTV description, Theo isn't as new to Beacon Hills as everyone presumes, and his character may have some secrets about the town that attracts so many supernatural monsters.

Liam is still there, and bulking up: If the official "Teen Wolf" Twitter account is any indication, Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) will be a big part of Season 5 -- and he's been hitting the gym pretty hard for some werewolf action. Check out those guns.

Don't worry, Obrosey love is still in full effect: Just because Liam is stepping up his game doesn't mean that Scott (Tyler Posey) and Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) are slowing down. A recent twitpic proves the Obrosey love is still very much alive.


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